Reducing The Fat In Quiche

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8006177545_ed525f2158_zsource: US Dept of Agriculture

I love quiche but the fat count makes me feel guilty every time I bite into it. The eggs and cheese are bad enough, but even the crust is full of calories.

Thankfully, David Joachim’s Brilliant, came to the rescue again.

According to Brilliant, hollowed out vegetables can be substituted for the crust in quiche. Mr. Joachim recommends potatoes, peppers, zucchini, tomatoes, but I’m sure plenty of other veggies would also work. What about large mushrooms for instance?

To try this tip out, I made a spinach quiche in a whole onion.

First, I combined a small amount of cooked spinach, a beaten egg, shredded cheese, a heaping tbsp. of 5% g’vina lavana, and salt in a bowl. Then, I grabbed a large onion, remove the skin and roughly scooped out the inner layers with a knife. When I only had 2-3 outside layers left, I spooned the quiche mix into the onion very carefully. I baked the onion at 350 degrees till done.

The result?

The dish tasted different from the quiche I’m used to, but extremely delicious. I ate the onion as I devoured the quiche and I loved it. This tip was a real winner.

By the way, Brilliant is quickly becoming my go-to book for kitchen tips. You should definitely check it out.

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