101 Frugal Ways To Share Art With Kids

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101 Frugal Ways To Share Art With Kids

Sharing art with children can be not only fun, but inexpensive as well. Here are 101 frugal (or free!) ways to help a child come to love the world of art and crafting as much as you do.

Participate In Com­mun­ity Res­our­ces

1. Free Days At Museums
2. Art Badge from Scouts (PDF)
3. 4H Projects (sewing, photography)
4. Free Library Programs

Read Great Books (free if from the library)

5. You Can Draw Marvel Characters
6. Draw Your Own Manga by H. Nagatoma
7. How To Draw People by Susie Hodge
8. Landscapes by Ian Sidaway
9. Ed Emberley’s Drawing Book
10. How To Draw Animals by Susie Hodge
11. Oodles of Doodles by Mike Artell
12. Kids Draw Dinosaurs by Christopher Hart
13. Experiments With Impressionism
14. Priscilla Hauser’s Decorative Painting
15. Let’s Rock! by Linda Kranz
16. Pablo Picasso by Andrew Langley
17. Pastels by John Blockley
18. You Can Paint Pastels by Marie Blake
19. Edgar Degas (Getting to Know Artists)
20. Painting With Tempera by Paige Henson
21. Easy Origami by Didier Boursin
22. Under the Sea Origami
23. Step by Step Origami by Clive Stevens
24. Origami Toys
25. Crochet by Jane Davis
26. The Busy Mom’s Book of Quick Crafts
27. Little Hands Create! by Mary Dall
28. Big Book of Kids’ Crafts (BH & G)

Learn By Doing

29. Study Cartooning
30. Fold Some Origami Projects
31. Build With Cardboard
32. Learn to Sew
33. Decorate Cakes & Cupcakes
34. Paint With Watercolors
35. Make Some Handmade Paper
36. Create Paper Mache Projects
37. Learn To Draw With Tutorials
39. Design A Flower Garden
40. Craft With Recycled Plastic
41. Draw With Colored Pencils

Explore Interactive Sites

42. Inside Art
43. Portrait For Kids
44. Art Safari Learning Activity
45. Picturing The 1930’s
46. Odyssey Learning
47. Meet Me At Midnight
48. Artie’s House
49. Matisse For Kids
50. Interactive Color Wheel
51. The Dutch House Online
49. Lizzie Visits A Sculpture Garden
50. Design A Greek Pot
51. Explore A Victorian  Painting
52. Learn About Landscapes
53. Destination Modern Art
54. Bottlecaps To Brushes
55. Buffalo Hide Painting
56. Art Lab
57. African Life Through Art
58. Renaissance Connection
59. A. Pintura Detective
60. Explore Color
61. Inside Art Learning Activity
62. Explore Pop Art
63. Exploring Perspective
64. Cuboom
65. Wondermind
66. Barbara’s Garden
67. AlbrightKnox Art Games
68. Art Connected
69. Be The Curator
70. Vision And Art
71. What Is A Print?
72. Mr. Picasso Head
73. Art Detective
74. Detail Detectives

Download Free Art Software

75. Stykz Animation Program
76. Paint.NET (Photoshop clone)
77. Architect Studio 3D
78. TuxPaint (drawing program)

Play With Free Art Toys

79. Silk Drawing Toy
80. Build Your Own Kaleidoscope
81. The Scribbler
82. Create Your Own Flowers
83. Snowflake Toy
84. Dotshop
85. Artpad (favorite)
86. The Artist’s Toolkit
87. Still Life
88. Brushster Online Activity
89. Jungle Interactive
90. Flow Interactive Activity
91. The Swatchbox
92. RiverRun Interactive Toy
93. Wallover Toy (favorite)
94. PaintBox Interactive
95. 3-D Twirler Interactive Toy
96. Collage Machine
97. Interactive Mobile
98. Pixel Face Interactive Toy

Watch Some Videos

99. Arts And Crafts Videos
100. YouTube (search: crafts for kids)
101. Art For Kids Hub

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Comments: 4

  1. Travis says:

    Not a bad list! Getting kids to do crafts can sort of be a hit or miss at times I think… sometimes they love it, sometimes they want nothing to do with it!

  2. Susan says:

    What a great list of resources! Thanks!

  3. Kaye Swain says:

    Wow, what a great list. And FREE is always one of my favorite ways to save money. :) Thank you for this excellent resource. :)

  4. I’m an origami fan and paper airplanes is one of my favorite forms of the art. It challenges not just your folding skills but also teaches you about aerodynamics. I remember a software called “The Greatest Paper Airplanes”. It teaches how to fold 50 different paper airplanes step by step with instructions and videos. Too bad the software is no longer distributed but there’s a website that teaches how to fold those 50 paper airplanes.

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