Book Buying Spree

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During a previous post, I mentioned that I went on a book buying spree back in June.

Since that time, I’ve read through many of the books I bought, and I’ve written up a two-second review of each volume I’ve gone through. I’ve also included links to Amazon in case you want to make a purchase, though a couple of the books are quite old or out-of-print and are only of interest to me.

Disclosure: I will earn an affiliate fee if you purchase a book through this site.

Business Books

Craft, Inc.: Turn Your Creative Hobby into a Business

Why I bought it: Lots of good web reviews.

Quickie Review: Good book, but the print is smallish and in light blue and light brown. It wasn’t fun for my eyes.

Craft Books

The Art of Resin Jewelry

Why I bought it: I love resin jewelry and there are not a lot of tutorials available on the internet.

Quickie Review: Good solid tutorials, not a lot of projects (which is just fine by me). I’m very happy with my purchase.

Beyond The Bead: Making Jewelry With Unexpected Finds

Why I bought it: I love the website this book is based on, and figured the book would be more in the same vein.

Quickie Review: Cute projects and easy techniques. A couple of the projects are starting to become slightly dated. Still, excellent book.

Rubber Stamped Jewelry

Why I bought it: I fell in love with the sample projects on the Amazon site.

Quickie Review: Lots of fun projects. This book did not disappoint!

Vegetarian Cookbooks

Horn of the Moon Cookbook

Why I bought it: I have a thing for restaurant cookbooks.

Quickie Review: Good book, and I’m sure I will enjoy it for years to come. I just wish it had a couple more bean recipes.

1000 Vegetarian Recipes From Around the World

Why I bought it: I almost didn’t buy this book because several Amazon reviews mentioned it was underspiced. However, who can resist 1000 recipes, all in color?

Quickie Review: I’m glad I went ahead with purchase. This is a book full of imaginative recipe ideas.

Passionate Vegetarian

Why I bought it: I used to own this book, but I sold it because the recipes were too sophisticated for me. Since I’m a more adventurous cook now, I decided to try the book again.

Quickie Review: Good choice. Food combinations that used to seem to exotic for my taste, now are fine.

Moosewood Restaurant Simple Suppers

Why I bought it: I have a bunch of the other Moosewood books and I wanted to add on to my collection. Plus, I can never resist a cookbook with the word “simple” in its title.

Quickie Review: I haven’t made anything yet, but several recipes look very appealing.

1,000 Vegan Recipes

Why I bought it: I have several of Robin Robertson’s vegetarian cookbooks so I thought I would try her vegan cookbook.

Quickie Review: Yes, I know the book is vegan, but there are still way too many tofu recipes for my taste.

Jewish Cookbooks

The Art of Jewish Cooking

Why I bought it: I have a brittle and brown version and I wanted a fresh and new copy.

Quickie Review: The content is exactly the same as in my old book, but with clean pages, so I’m happy.

The Jewish-American Kitchen

Why I bought it: I once gave my copy away to a new cook, in a moment of generosity. I’ve regretted it ever since.

Quickie Review: Yay! My old favorite is back in its happy home.

Adventures in Bubby Irma’s Kitchen

Why I bought it: I saw this book in my local library and fell in love with it.

Quickie Review: Lots of very delicious, but easy, traditional Jewish recipes… a very homey book.

Personal Finance Books

The Wealthy Barber

Why I bought it: I borrowed this book from the library a zillion years ago, and have yet to find a simpler way to understand personal finance.

Quickie Review: I haven’t reread it yet, but I’m sure I will enjoy it now as much as I did before.

10,001 Ways to Live Large on a Small Budget

Why I bought it: I’m a frequent visitor to the Wise Bread site, so I figured I’d enjoy their book. Plus, it got great ratings.

Quickie Review: The print was difficult for me to read, and I like the site better. Not a bad book at all, just not as fabulous as I was hoping for.

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