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BrilliantI live in the Middle East, and many of my favorite foods from the “old country” are no longer  available to me.  Old Bay Seasoning, wasabi sauce, and  powdered cream of tartar are considered exotic ingredients in my current community.  Even Cheddar cheese is almost im­pos­sible to find.

Because of this, I purchased the most complete book of food substitutions I could find. The book is called Brilliant, and is written by David Joachim.

Brilliant is virtually an encyclopedia of anything food and cooking related.

Not only does Brilliant have a zillion substitution ideas, it is also packed with tons of  quick cooking hints, hundreds of tips for perking up food and over 900 delicious recipes. Wow!

The 5,000 entries in Brilliant are written alphabetically, so information is always easy to locate.  In addition, the book is generously illustrated and is dotted with frequent sidebars.

If you are in the market for a all-in-one cooking reference, I can’t recommend Brilliant highly enough.

Amazon Affiliate Link: Brilliant Food Tips and Cooking Tricks

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