Cook It Together

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I drool over the children’s books from DK publishing. I’m crazy about their full color photographs, clear text and interesting topics. Cook It Together, a new DK cookbook for kids, did not disappoint.

Cook It Together, by Annabel Karmel, is 48 pages of cooking goodness. It’s full of great recipes,  fun information, and charming pictures. This great book even contains facts about each of the main ingredients used.

Annabel Karmel takes 10 chief ingredients (tomatoes, corn, potatoes, rice, bananas, strawberries, apples, honey, chocolate and yogurt) and transforms them into delicious dishes. Each recipes is explained step-by-step, with great visuals for every procedure.

Yearning for strawberry cheesecake? How about potato souffle or corn fritters? They’re all here in this book.

The only downside of Cook It Together is the number of sweets the volume contains. 10 out of 21 recipes are for snacks. I love sugar, but that’s a lot even for me!

Nonetheless, for a young cook, I’ve never come across a better book. Cook It Together both inspires and teaches. That’s an impressive combination.

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