New Books

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Three thick encyclopedias having brightly colored hardcovers. The books are stacked on top of each other and sitting on a dark brown coffee table. The covers' corners are in clear focus.

source: Horia Varlan

Back in June we went to the US for a couple of weeks to celebrate  my daughter’s wedding. While there, I went on a shopping spree, and stocked up on everything….clothes, shoes, instant soup, tea, spices, etc. Plus, and most important, tons and tons of new books.

Unfortunately, there was not enough room to stuff everything into our luggage, so we had to ship most of it home. Finally, after months of waiting,  our shipment has arrived.

All those glorious books!

Here, for your vicarious enjoyment,  is my reading list for the next couple of months.


  • Rubber Stamped Jewelry by Sharilyn Miller
  • Beyond The Bead: Making Jewelry With Unexpected Finds  by Margot Potter
  • The Art of Resin Jewelry: Layering, Casting, and Mixed Media Techniques for Creating Vintage to Contemporary Designs by Sherri Haab


  • 1000 Vegetarian Recipes From Around the World by Parragon Publishing
  • Horn of the Moon Cookbook: Recipes from Vermont’s Renowned Vegetarian Restaurant by Ginny Callan
  • Cookin’ Southern Vegetarian Style by Ann Jackson
  • Moosewood Restaurant Simple Suppers: Fresh Ideas for the Weeknight Table by Moosewood Collective
  • The Grit Cookbook: World-Wise, Down-Home Recipes by Jessica Greene, Ted Hafer
  • Adventures in Bubby Irma’s Kitchen by Irma Charles
  • 1,000 Vegan Recipes by Robin Robertson
  • Healthy Helpings: 800 Fast and Fabulous Recipes for the Kosher (or Not) Cook by Norene Gilletz


  • Craft, Inc.: Turn Your Creative Hobby into a Business by Meg Mateo Ilasco
  • The Handmade Marketplace: How to Sell Your Crafts Locally, Globally, and On-Line by Kari Chapin
  • The Game Inventor’s Guidebook: How to Invent and Sell Board Games, Card Games, Role-Playing Games, & Everything in Between! by Brian Tinsman


  • Dilbert 2.0: 20 Years of Dilbert by Scott Adams
  • The Annotated Sherlock Holmes: The Four Novels and the Fifty-Six Short Stories Complete [2-Volume Set, Illustrated with Drawings] by Arthur Conan Doyle, et al
  • Attack of the Deranged Mutant Killer Monster Snow Goons by Bill Watterson
  • It’s A Magical World: A Calvin and Hobbes Collection by Bill Watterson
  • The Authoritative Calvin and Hobbes (A Calvin And Hobbes Treasury) by Bill Watterson
  • The Essential Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson
  • The Days are Just Packed: A Calvin and Hobbes Collection by Bill Watterson


  • 10,001 Ways to Live Large on a Small Budget by The Writers of Wise Bread

Please let me know what you are reading. I’d love hear about it!

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