Polymer Clay Mosaics By Krista Wells

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I pur­chased my copy of Poly­mer Clay Mos­aics, by Kris­ta Wells, from Ama­zon.com. Since the book had only three re­views and no pre­view fea­ture, I feared I was taking a big chance. For all I knew, the book could be a total dud.

Luck­ily, my wor­ries were comp­lete­ly ground­less. Poly­mer Clay Mos­aics has turned out to be one of my favor­ite craft books. The in­struc­tions are clear, the proj­ects are in­nova­tive and the pho­tos are a plea­sure to look at.

Poly­mer Clay Mos­aics starts with a very short, but in­terest­ing in­tro­duc­tion.  It then goes on to des­cribe mat­er­ials, fol­lowed by both basic and ad­vanced tech­nique sec­tions. Like most craft books, Kris­ta Wells fin­ish­es with the proj­ects.

What makes Poly­mer Clay Mos­aics so good?

  • A materials list with several options for many of the supplies needed. For instance, under Finishes, there are four options.
  • A techniques section, written for beginners,  with extensive instructions on both working with polymer clay and creating mosaics.
  • A step-by-step run through of one of the projects… with 34 (that’s right, I counted) full color photos.
  • 20 functional and gorgeous projects including clocks,  jewelry, magnets, a mirror, door panels, a table and more.

If  you have even the least bit of interest in creating polymer clay mosaics, I highly recommend this book.

Get your own copy of  Polymer Clay Mosaics (affiliate link) at Amazon.

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