Pretty Little Purses And Pouches

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pretty-little-pursesJam packed with 29 proj­ects, Pret­ty Lit­tle Purs­es And Pouch­es, is a del­ic­ious treat for any­one who loves to sew. Each of the proj­ects in the book is a de­light to look at and prac­tic­al to use.  The proj­ects run the gam­ut from very easy to slight­ly comp­lic­ated, mak­ing this book per­fect for both ser­ious and cas­ual craft­ers.

Pretty Little Purses and Pouches is a group effort. The book has projects from 19 different designers. Each of the designers has made a real effort to contribute a truly superb project to this book.

My favorite?

I love dainty little bags (though I usually lug around too much stuff to use them) so I’d have to pick Pocket This by Wendy Gratz. This delicate little purse is constructed from crinkly cotton fabric and heavy satin. It goes around the neck and shoulder and is only about 6 inches wide. Yum!

There is only one drawback to Pretty Little Purses And Pouches. Each of the patterns in the book need to be enlarged before being used. However, with today’s technology even this glitch isn’t much of problem.

Pretty Little Purses And Pouches is part of a new series from Lark Books. Other titles in the series are Pretty Little Patchwork, Pretty Little Cozies and Pretty Little Potholders. I highly recommend the entire series.

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