Side Walks

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side walks

I live in Ramat Beit Shem­esh, one of the most rel­ig­ious cit­ies in the world (lit­er­ally).

Though we have a pop­ula­tion of over 80000, we don’t have movie theat­ers, mini golf, amuse­ment parks, bars, etc. We don’t even have many eat in res­taur­ants.

I’m very hap­py liv­ing here, but it does make life a bit bor­ing at times.

It’s for this reason that I pur­chased a book called Side Walks, by Kate Pocrass. Side Walks en­cour­ages you to ex­plore your own neigh­bor­hood.  It helps you to dis­cov­er the as­pects of your town that are uni­­que, fun, and worth in­ves­tiga­ting.

Per­fect for some­one who lives in a city where ideas for rec­rea­tion­al ac­tiv­ities are­n’t ob­vious.

Be­fore I start­ed fil­ling in the sec­tions of this book, I was con­vinced there was ab­solut­ely noth­ing to do near­by. But after just an hour or two I came up with a small, but ex­cit­ing list.

  • Stalactite Caves
  • Music Festival
  • Bowling (Yigal Alon 24)
  • Tel Beit Shemesh
  • Beit Guvrin National Park
  • Train
  • Swimming
  • Benjamin Children’s Library
  • Mirchaz G’mach
  • Emunah Shiur
  • Tuesday Night Board Game Group
  • Thursday Night Board Game Group

Okay, I admit it. Still not a lot to do. But it is much more than I had ever thought of with­out the book.

In ad­d­i­tion, Side Walks has quite a few “chal­leng­es” that can be done vir­tu­ally any­where. My son and I did the fol­low­ing…

When eat­ing out, order the weird­est thing on the menu. The un­us­ual items are of­ten the tas­ti­est. At the very least, you will have a good story to tell others.

We went to two baker­ies and one ice cream store and at each stop, shared some­thing we had never tried before; choc­ol­ate souf­fle, rum and rais­in ice cream, berry cheese past­ry, a tiny cheese roll and a fruit flav­or­ed water. The whole ex­cur­sion cost about seven dol­lars, in­tro­duced us to some un­usual treats and al­lowed us to spend a fun few hours to­geth­er out of the house. We had a great morn­ing doing some­thing we never would have thought to do with­out the guid­ance of the book.

If you live in a tiny town, out in the coun­t­ry, or even (as I do) in one of the most re­lig­ious cit­ies in the Mid­dle East, Side Walks will allow you to take ad­vant­age of all the en­ter­tain­ment re­sour­ces avail­able to you.

Side Walks: A Journal for Exploring Your City (affiliate link)

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