The Book Of Paper Quilling

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Quilling is one of the few crafts, in which even today, it’s hard to find a really good book. The projects in most books tend to look old-fashioned and amateurish. Framed pictures of clowns and Santa Clauses tend to dominate many of the pages.

The Book Of Paper Quilling, by Malinda Johnston has its’ fair share of these types of projects. But it also has some very stylish things as well. Enough, so that out of the many quilling books I examined, this was the one I chose to purchase.

However, what makes The Book Of Paper Quilling really special, is the quality of its’ instructions. Malinda Johnston takes the beginning quiller through every stage of the process. From tools and materials, all the way through cutting strips and rolling shapes.

In addition, Ms. Johnston adds in a few extra goodies. The book includes some very inspirational samples of both antique and modern day quilling. It has instructions for some fabulous picture frame mats, a unique chess set, and a couple delicate pairs of earrings. And, most important, it shows how to use a quilling board, allowing the reader to design his own projects.

Not a perfect book, but all in all, an effective book for beginners.

Get your own copy of  The Book Of Paper Quilling: Techniques & Projects For Paper Filigree at Amazon.

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