The Complete Tightwad Gazette

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I’ve been a fan of the Tight­wad Gaz­ette, by Amy Dac­yczyn, for ten years.  Over the last dec­ade,  this  book has helped me to save thous­ands of dol­lars on our hous­ing, trans­porta­tion, food and cloth­es. Almost every sen­t­ence, in the mas­­sive 788 page tome, is a gem.

Recently, I’ve started reread­ing tight­wad gaz­ette with an eye to craft­ing and cook­ing. Though these aren’t the main topics of the book, Amy has included some sur­pris­ingly good ideas on sav­ing money in these areas. To vary­ing degrees, the Tight­wad Gaz­ette touches on sew­ing, quilt­ing, decor­at­ing, wood­work­ing, bak­ing and creat­ing gifts of food. Though these sec­tions are short, they are packed with great ideas.

My favor­ite story is a detailed account­ing of how Amy made a $1.00 quilt for her daughter’s room. Amy designed her own pat­tern, gathered coor­dina­ting fab­rics from free or inex­pens­ive sour­ces and set about making a simple but lovely quilt. All done, in her usual frugal way.

What were some of the take away tips in Tight­wad Gaz­ette?

  • Con­sider build­ing twig fur­ni­ture for your out­door fur­ni­ture needs
  • Wood can be recyc­led from curb­side throw aways to create new and use­ful items
  • Sew with the fab­rics already on hand, rather than run­ning to the store for new fab­rics
  • Adult size cloth­ing can be cut down to make clothes for kids
  • Learn to cook and bake from mix and match recipes that allow you to take advan­tage of the cheap­est foods (recipes included)
  • Make your own pat­terns for sim­ple items of cloth­ing like vests (how-to’s included)
  • Remove but­tons, elas­tic and zip­pers from cloth­ing before throw­ing out. These items can be reused.
  • Clothes can more eas­ily be re­fur­bished by tak­ing away the more dated and gar­ish ele­ments, than by add­ing new em­bel­lish­ments.

These tips, plus plenty more, make Tight­wad Gaz­ette a very worth­while read.

Note: There are several ver­sions of the Tight­wad Gaz­ette. Be sure to pick up the last and most com­pre­hen­sive vol­ume, The Com­plete Tight­wad Gaz­ette.

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