This Is Not A Book

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I’ve spent the last few months working on This Is Not A Book by Keri Smith. I find this book very hard to describe, so here’s the Amazon description instead.

In this uniquely skewed look at the purpose and function of a “book”, Keri Smith offers an illustrated guide that challenges readers to creatively examine all the different ways This Is Not a Book can be used. With intriguing prompts, readers will discover that the book can be.

I’m posting some of the pages I’m pleased with. More will follow in future posts.


Process: I colored the first page with pastels in the middle and colored pencils around the edges. I covered the page with thin contact pager so the pastels wouldn’t bleed. For the second page, I printed out a secret agent online, and glued it on.


Process: I used green watercolor pencils for the background and pink pencils for the flowers. The writing was done with high quality, thin tip markers.


Process: I used  a combination of signatures and hand prints. The hand prints were done by my nephews and with tempura paints.


Process: No changes. I followed the instructions exactly.


Process: I worked with watercolor pencils, coming up with the design as I worked on it.


Process: My son filled out this interview.



Process: I took a photo of a plate of food, cut it into a circle and glued it onto the page.


Process: I had young, very pregnant friend draw on this page. I completed the drawings with watercolor pencil. You can definitely tell what my friend had in mind when she did the drawings.


Process: On the left side is a page of bats, printed out from the internet, and glued on. On the right side are Scooby Doo stickers.


Process: I photocopied the page and ripped the photocopy into strips. I then crumbled one strip, soaked one in water, rolled a strip, etc. For the final step, I loosely glued the strips back into the book, making sure to leave the new textures intact.



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