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110 Candle Making Projects


candle making projects

Candlemaking projects are usually much easier than they appear. In short, heat the wax in a double boiler, place a wick in a mold, and pour. Once you understand the basic procedure, you can craft dozens of wonderful creations.

Here are over 110 candlemaking projects to get you started!

Each of the projects is divided into categories.  Either master a category completely, before going on to a new category, or flit from candlemaking project to candlemaking project. You choose!

Holiday Candles

Decoupage Candles

Faux Food Candles

Sand Candles

Pillar Candles

Beeswax Candles

Container Candles

Gel Candles

Nature Candles

Chunk Candles

Painted Candles

Stamped Candles

Ice Candles

Embellished Candles

Molded Candles

Ice Luminaries

Candle Centerpieces

Recycled Candles

Hand Dipped Candles

Novelty Candles

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