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How To Draw What You See


portrait drawing

Learn How To Draw What You See with a free, easy-to-understand article from emptyeasel.com.  This simple article is divided into 12 short topics.

These include…

1. Make sure there’s a direct light source
2. Use a viewfinder to set up your composition
3. Start drawing objects that intersect the border
4. Check line angles with your pencil
5. Work around each edge and then move inward
6. Draw the negative space around the objects
7. Close one eye to flatten out the image
8. Look back and forth as often as possible
9. Erase when you see something wrong
10. Shade from darkest to lightest
11. Include a full range of values   (favorite tip)
12. Take a break before finishing

Short as How To Draw What You See is,  I learned quite a bit of useful information from it. Unless you are already a competent artist, I believe you will too.

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Colored Pencil Tutorials


colored pencilsColored Pencils offer a lot of control for the new artist. The ability to erase, redraw, and erase again is one of the big advantages of colored  pencils over fine arts such as watercolors. Colored pencil projects can also be put down for long periods and then  restarted with no loss of quality of work. All in all, colored pencils are a very flexible medium to work with.

In case you have no training in using color pencils, here are some color pencil tutorials to get you started.

General Information On Colored Pencils

Specific Color Pencil Tutorials

Color Pencil Tips

Color Pencil Videos

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Drawing Lesson Links


free drawing lessonsDrawing is a valuable skill for anyone to master. Even a low level of drawing ability is a help in dozens of situations. Here are a couple of drawing lesson links to make learning a little easier.

I’ve attempted to cover a wide variety of topics. I’ve included information on drawing portraits, landscapes, anime and cartooning. As a bonus, I’ve even included links to public domain drawing books. 

There’s a lot to learn, but don’t feel overwhelmed!  Start with one topic, and when you feel comfortable with that, then go on to the next. Time to get started…

 Drawing Lessons: Fine Art

Drawing Lessons: Anime

Drawing Lessons: Cartooning

Drawing Lessons: Portraits

Drawing Lessons: Free Online Drawing Books

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