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Food Journaling Page

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foodieFood Journaling Page (pdf)

I’m obsessed with food. I love to make it, read about it, and of course eat it.

Naturally, I decided I also need to write about it. To that end, I have made myself (and you!) a Food Journal template. It’s simple to understand, so I am offering only a brief explanation of each heading. My own responses (for today) are in brackets.


Cooking:  What you’re cooking for dinner tonight?  [veggie burger and rice, plus salad]

Craving: What are the foods you are currently craving?  [guacamole and corn chips]

Reading: What cookbooks/websites you’re currently using?  [Vegetarian Express by Nava Atlas]

Eating: What was today’s breakfast and lunch?  [breakfast: kiwi, Lunch: burrito with cheese]

Drinking: What are you drinking today?  [water, grape Prigat]

Planning: What is your menu for the weekend or the next special occasion?  [vegan jambalaya]

Feeding: Who you are feeding tonight?  [just feeding myself]

Shopping: Write down your shopping list.  [sliced cheese, grapes, plums, milk, dried dill]

Please send me an email if you have any questions, corrections, or comments.

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