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Birdhouse Bookmark


scan00011I made this birdhouse bookmark for a swap I participated in.

First, I printed out the birdhouse pattern from the internet. Then I cut the pattern out, traced it onto good quality cardstock and cut it out. I also cut out a circle for the middle of the tag and a bar for the bottom…the original pattern did not include these pieces.

Next, I glued the pieces together and punched a hole where a ribbon or some embroidery floss can be tied.

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Children’s Wall Art Tutorial


Children’s Wall Art Tutorial

Here’s an easy and inexpensive art project to brighten up a child’s room.

I made this picture in less than hour using only scissors, glue, scrapbook paper and an online coloring page.  Feel free to change the design, colors, materials, size and anything else you want to make this project uniquely your own.  My picture is just your starting point.

Here’s what to do –

First, find an coloring page to use for a design. I used a picture I found at 123 The reason I chose this particular page is that it is a cheery illustration, without too much detail. However, the size was a little small, so I blew it up slightly.

Next, I printed out the picture, cut it into individual pattern pieces, and used those to cut out paper shapes.

Finally, I positioned my cut out paper shapes onto a nice background paper, and glued everything in place.

Hint: Don’t glue the first piece on until you are sure everything fits together correctly. I wound up having to make a few adjustments when I went to put everything together.

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