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32 Ways To Recycle Old Towels


32 Ways To Recycle Old Towels

If you ever had the misfortune of opening my towel closet you would find four types of towels: Slightly Embarrassing, Completely Embarrassing and Possibly Fixable. Plus, hidden way, way, in the back are two “company” towels my mother bought me the last time she came to visit.

In an attempt to clean out my mess, I have made a list of ways to recycle old towels, divided by category.

The Slightly Embarrassing category consists of the towels that have sections that can be cut off and recycled into other projects.

The Completely Embarrassing towels are the ones that are total rags, and should be recycled as such.

The Possibly Fixable towels are a bit of a science experiment. Add the right proportions of enough chemicals, and your towels may come out nice enough for you to continue to use.

Here it goes….


For The Kids


Homemaking Helpers

Home Decor

Possibly Fixable

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60 Fresh And Fun Ways To Recycle Toilet Paper Rolls


toilet paper roll projects

source: Just A Girl Blog

From the time I saw my first recycled Toilet Paper Roll project posted on Design Sponge, I have been OBSESSED with the possibilities of this free and versatile crafting supply.

Since that time, back in 2009, a world of toilet paper roll reuse projects has sprung up all over the internet. The lowly toilet paper roll is no longer relegated just to the kids craft box. It’s now a supply used in adult crafts seen in the chicest of  homes.

Enough said!

60 Fresh And Fun Ways To Recycle Toilet Paper Rolls

Wall Art:


For The Kids:

For The Outdoors

For The Holidays:

Fashion Accessories:

Home Accessories:

Crafting Tools

Organizational Tools:

Gift Wrapping/Boxes

Inspiration Only:

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35 Crafty Ways To Recycle Cans


35-Crafty-Ways-To-Recycle-CansUsed cans are one of the most com­­mon throw­aways.  Al­though they are norm­ally con­sid­er­ed trash, cans  have doz­ens of oth­er fun uses.  I’ve used them as a mold for pap­er mak­ing, but they can be used to make stor­age, toys for the kids, and even great look­ing home ac­ces­sor­ies.

Just keep in mind that open­ed cans al­ways need to be check­ed for sharp edges. These can be sand­ed down, if need be.

With that said, here are a coup­­le of my fav­­or­­ite i­deas. But please don’t be lim­it­ed by my sug­ges­tions. You can find plen­ty of other re­use proj­ects in a quick search of Goog­le.



Home Decor



For The Garden

Everything Else

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20 Crafty Ways To Reuse Plastic Bottles


20-ways-to-reuse-plastic-bottlesThough I’ve now lived in the Middle East for four years, I still don’t drink the water.  As a result, I always have an enormous collection of plastic water bottles to recycle.  Over time, these bottles have been turned into funnels, weights, bowling sets, pencil cups, drawer organizers, vases and even board game pieces. I’m always on the lookout for crafty ways to reuse my bottles.

Woven Plastic Bottle Vase – This is the project that gave me the idea for this list.  I had to read the how-to’s before I believed this vase was really made from a plastic bottle.

PopSci Plastic Bottle LampsComplete instructions from PopSci.

Terrariums – Use a plastic bottle to make an almost instant terrarium. More ideas here and here.

Knitting Loom From Plastic Bottles - I was going to purchase a knitting loom, but when I saw this tutorial, I decided to make my own instead.

Plastic Bottle And Paper Vases - Cut a plastic bottle down to size and glue on fabric. This can also be used as a pencil cup.

Multi-Color Flower Garlands - At first glance (and second glance), it’s hard to believe that this holiday project is made from plastic bottles.

Soda Bottle Dome Displays – Use the video instructions to make gorgeous recycled bottle domes.

Plastic Bottle Beads - This video makes really good looking beads. No narration but there are English captions.

Fish From Plastic Bottles – Cut shapes from plastic and paint to resemble fish. Use the bottom of the bottle as a display stand.

Herb Gardens - Plastic bottles are the perfect size for  individual herb gardens.

3 Dimensional Wall Art - Create a lovely 3 dimensional painting of flowers, using a plastic bottle as the vase.  So creative!

Knit or Crochet Plastic Bottle Bangles – A ring is cut from a plastic bottle and then wrapped with a knit or crocheted cover.

Woven BoxesRibbons of plastic bottles strips are woven back and forth to create a square box.

DIY Shrinky Dinks - I was thrilled to find these tutorials, since it’s very hard to find plain Shrinky Dink plastic near where I live.

Fabric And Plastic Bottle Bracelets - Another bracelet. This one is covered with felt, but really, any fabric would work out great.

Plastic Bottle Coin Purses - Unfortunately, this project doesn’t come with instructions.

Plastic Bottle Change Holders - I wouldn’t use this change holder in the living room, but it’s fine for a workroom or garage.

Plastic Bottle Flowers – These flowers are a cinch to make. But, it’s amazing to see what was done with them when they were finished!

Monster Container - I tried to avoid included crafts for kids, but this little container is too adorable to miss.

Plastic Bottle Butterflies – Once these butterflies are completed there are dozens of things to do with them…use them to decorate gift packages, attach them to a wall in a child’s room to add interest, place them strategically throughout your garden, and lots more.

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12 Crafty Ways To Reuse Phone Books


12 Crafty Ways To Reuse Phone Books

Now that everyone looks up numbers on the internet,  the phone companies will eventually stop sending new phone books each year. Until that time comes, however,  here are some of my favorite uses for phone books.

1. Gift Bows. Use pages from telephone books to make subtly colored, but surprisingly attractive gift bows.

2. Paper Beads. Slice and roll paper beads from telephone book pages to create unique  fashion jewelry.

3. Cutting Mats. Need an impromptu cutting mat? Try using an old telephone book to protect surface and keep the craft knife from being damages.

4. Origami Wallet. Fold a wallet in just a few moments using pages from the phone book.

5. Furniture. There are several methods for recycling phone books into coffee tables and chairs. Take a look at the links here and here.

6. Construct A Building. Amazing building is made from 7,000 phone books.

7. Pen Organizer. Stacks of telephone book pages are cut, folded and glued together to make a great organizers for pens, pencils and other small office supplies.

8. Flower Press. No need to purchase a flower press when old phone books work just as well.

9. Secret Hiding Space. Hardback books are generally used to make hollowed out hiding spaces for valuables. However, because of the size, phone books can be used just as well.

10. Paper Bunting. Phone books make a great disposable bunting for parties and other special occasions.

11. Flowers. You can make gorgeous flowers from phone books (see above photo).

12. Paper Mache. Because phone book pages are so thin, they make a great top-layer for intricate paper mache projects.

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10 Crafty Ways To Recycle Wrapping Paper



With the holidays coming next month, there’s going to be mountains of used wrapping paper in homes everywhere. Here are a couple of ways to recycle some of that wrapping paper into fun and attractive craft projects.

1. To create an easy-to-make greeting card, just fold a large rec­tangular sheet of cardstock in half. Cut a design out of wrapping paper and glue onto front of card.

2. Gift tags can be made by following the Greeting Card instructions, just by starting with a much smaller sheet of paper.

3. Wrapping paper is perfect for origami. Link to dozens of projects.

4. Wrapping paper makes a wonderful gift bag. This is a quick and easy project.

5. Durwin Rice, in New Decoupage, recommends saving bits of wrap­ping paper for future decoupage projects. Because wrapping paper is so thin, it is ideal for this type of craft.

6. Wrapping paper also works well in collages. It makes a great con­trast to natural materials, metallics and plain colored papers.

7. When my kids were younger, and money was extremely tight, I  used sheets of old wrapping paper as wall decorations for their rooms. I just cut out 8″x10″ rectangles, fit them into old dollar store picture frames I had in the basement, and hung them up.

8. Glue used wrapping paper glued onto cardstock to make pretty bookmarks.

9. Wrapping paper is gorgeous as a lining for envelopes. Style Me Pretty has a quick tutorial.

10. It may not be a crafty idea, but the most obvious way to recycle wrapping paper is to reuse it as a wrap for smaller gifts next year.

Tip: Avoid using wrapping paper for scrapbooking. Since wrapping pa­p­er is generally not acid free, it may start to turn brown after just a couple of years.

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12 Crafty Ways To Recycle A Globe


Old globes are frequently available at yard sales, thrift shops and flea markets for very reasonable prices. If you come across one, snatch it up quick, because there are tons of things you can do with it.

Use A Globe As A Canvas

1. Use A Globe As A Canvas

Turn A Globe Into A Fruit Bowl2. Turn A Globe Into A Fruit Bowl

Style Globes As Home Accessories 3. Style Globes As Home Accessories

Paint A Neighborhood Globe4. Paint A Neighborhood Globe

Make A Globe To A Centerpiece5. Make A Globe Into A Centerpiece

 Wire A Globe Chandelier6. Wire A Globe Chandelier

DIY Globe Ceiling Light Cover7. Craft A DIY Globe Light Fixture Cover

Create Your Own Chalkboard8. Create Your Own Chalkboard

DIY Globe Clock9. Make A DIY Globe Clock

Wire A Globe Pendant Light10. Wire A Globe Pendant Light

Upcycle A Globe Lamp11. Upcycle A Globe Lamp

Globe Wall Clock12. Recycle A Globe Wall Clock

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