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10 Crafty Ways To Recycle Wrapping Paper



With the holidays coming next month, there’s going to be mountains of used wrapping paper in homes everywhere. Here are a couple of ways to recycle some of that wrapping paper into fun and attractive craft projects.

1. To create an easy-to-make greeting card, just fold a large rec­tangular sheet of cardstock in half. Cut a design out of wrapping paper and glue onto front of card.

2. Gift tags can be made by following the Greeting Card instructions, just by starting with a much smaller sheet of paper.

3. Wrapping paper is perfect for origami. Link to dozens of projects.

4. Wrapping paper makes a wonderful gift bag. This is a quick and easy project.

5. Durwin Rice, in New Decoupage, recommends saving bits of wrap­ping paper for future decoupage projects. Because wrapping paper is so thin, it is ideal for this type of craft.

6. Wrapping paper also works well in collages. It makes a great con­trast to natural materials, metallics and plain colored papers.

7. When my kids were younger, and money was extremely tight, I  used sheets of old wrapping paper as wall decorations for their rooms. I just cut out 8″x10″ rectangles, fit them into old dollar store picture frames I had in the basement, and hung them up.

8. Glue used wrapping paper glued onto cardstock to make pretty bookmarks.

9. Wrapping paper is gorgeous as a lining for envelopes. Style Me Pretty has a quick tutorial.

10. It may not be a crafty idea, but the most obvious way to recycle wrapping paper is to reuse it as a wrap for smaller gifts next year.

Tip: Avoid using wrapping paper for scrapbooking. Since wrapping pa­p­er is generally not acid free, it may start to turn brown after just a couple of years.

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12 Crafty Ways To Recycle A Globe


Old globes are frequently available at yard sales, thrift shops and flea markets for very reasonable prices. If you come across one, snatch it up quick, because there are tons of things you can do with it.

Use A Globe As A Canvas

1. Use A Globe As A Canvas

Turn A Globe Into A Fruit Bowl2. Turn A Globe Into A Fruit Bowl

Style Globes As Home Accessories 3. Style Globes As Home Accessories

Paint A Neighborhood Globe4. Paint A Neighborhood Globe

Make A Globe To A Centerpiece5. Make A Globe Into A Centerpiece

 Wire A Globe Chandelier6. Wire A Globe Chandelier

DIY Globe Ceiling Light Cover7. Craft A DIY Globe Light Fixture Cover

Create Your Own Chalkboard8. Create Your Own Chalkboard

DIY Globe Clock9. Make A DIY Globe Clock

Wire A Globe Pendant Light10. Wire A Globe Pendant Light

Upcycle A Globe Lamp11. Upcycle A Globe Lamp

Globe Wall Clock12. Recycle A Globe Wall Clock

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22 Crafty Ways To Reuse Magazines


22 Crafty Ways To Reuse Magazines

I don’t subscribe to any magazines. Yet, I always have an enormous pile of the things lying around my home. They come from the mail, my neighbors and sometimes my father in law.

My guess is, your collection of unwanted magazines is just as large as mine!

Don’t just throw them all out! Here are 22 Crafty Ways To Reuse Magazines.

Recycled Magazine Bows (pictured above) – Make your own colorful bows for embellishing presents.

Recycled Magazine Business Card Holders - To make this project, first laminate a magazine image is and then sew on a vinyl pocket. Simple!

Turn Magazines Into A Chair - Turn magazines Into A chair using belts and a cushion. No tutorial is available for this project but you should be able to figure out the how-to’s on your own.

From Magazines To Pretty Picture – This delicate piece of wall art, is my favorite of all the tutorials listed.

How to Turn Old Magazines Into A Bookshelf - This is one of the most ingenious projects I’ve ever come across.

Recycled Magazine Baskets - I’m not sure how utilitarian these baskets are, but at the very least, they would certainly make lovely decorative accessories.

Reed Box From Magazines - This Reed Box looks like it came from an upscale home decor store.

Recycled Magazine Coasters - No loom is needed for this very basic weaving technique.

Turn Magazines Into Cards And More - Use a simple in and out weaving method to create cards, bookmarks and ever wall decor.

Paper Paper Ornaments - Not a quick and simple project, but the resulting ornament is lovely.

Coiled Paper Basket – Coil strips of recycled magazine pages around and around until a basket is formed.

Recycled Paper Bead Bracelet - This jewelry project doesn’t look at all “homey”. Very stylish!

Handbound Book - Instead of disposing of high quality magazines, consider turning them into a handbound book to add to your library.

Postcards From Recycled Magazines - Use light cardboard and images from recycled magazines to create unique postcards.

Stools Made Of Magazines – No instructions for the stools, but these pieces of furniture should be a cinch to figure out.

Triangular Paper Bowl – Check out this project from Instructables for a whole new concept in creating bowls from magazines. Fabulous!

Magazine Wastepaper Basket - No folding, coiling or wrapping for this project…. instead multiple pages of magazine and grommets add strength to the design.

Repurposed Magazine Gift Bags – These bags are a lot nicer than anything you could possibly find in a store.

3D Pop Up Recycled Magazine Flowers - Perfect for greeting cards or decorating gift packages.

Magazine Paper Frame - Tutorial from Better Homes And Gardens online.

Magazine Envelopes – Recycle magazines into usable envelopes.  Cut out and glue on a scraps of paper where the the mailing information needs to go.

Magazine Wristlet - The author of this project used the directions for candy wrapper crafts but modified them for magazine pages.

Upcycled WreathThis wreath is not waterproof, so avoid using it in places where it is likely to be rained on.

Flower Garland Tutorial – Create cheap and easy party decorations.

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10 Crafty Ways To Recycle Greeting Cards


10 Crafty Ways To Recycle Greeting Cards

I was trolling the newsgroups today and I saw a discussion on ways to use old greeting cards.  The discussion never got too far, but it did get me thinking.   Here are some  of the ways to recycle old greeting cards that I’ve read about, tried out, or heard about over the years.

1) New Greeting Cards:  Make old greeting cards into new ones.  First, buy blank cards and envelopes.  Then cut the old cards into designs. Finally, glue the old art to the new cards.

2) Sewing Cards: Glue the front and back covers of the card together.  Punch holes  around the edges.  Make a knot in a new shoelace and show your child how to sew.

3) Wall Art: Greeting cards can be made into attractive wall art. First glue the cards onto small pieces of foam core board for height. Then glue the individual cards to one large sheet.

4) Framed Art: Greeting-less cards can also be made into wall art using dollar store picture frames.

5) Bookmarks: I used to make bookmarks out of old greeting cards.  First, use a strip of paper or old bookmark to draw a pattern on the card. Second, use a paper cutter, fancy scrapbooking scissors or plain scissors to cut out the pattern.  Third, punch a hole in the top, attach a ribbon, yarn or skein of x-stitch thread.  If you want to get fancy, stitch the edges.

6) Gift Tags: Cut a 2″ x 4″ rectangle from an old greeting card. Punch a hole in the upper left hand corner and loop a ribbon through. Unfold an write a message inside.

7) Kitchen Magnets: Cut old greeting cards to fit clear gems.  Cover the back of the gems with magnet tape.

8) Garland: Punch medium circles from old greeting. Sew together with a machine.

9) Origami: Recycled greeting cards are perfect for origami.  Tiny boxes are easy and fun to make.

10) Kids Toys: An old greeting card can be passed on to the kids to play with.  Collage, make-believe or decoupage projects are some of the things kids can use them for.

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13 Crafty Ways To Recycle Your TV


Crafty Ways To Recycle A Television

Ready for a new TV? Ins­tead of throw­ing out your old set, how about recycl­ing it into some­thing great?

What follows are 13 Craf­ty Ways To Re­cycle Your TV. I’ve in­cluded pro­jects that use all parts of the tv. This inc­ludes con­soles, stands and the tv it­self.

Please keep in mind, that even un­plugged, a tele­vision set can be dan­ger­­ous. If you’re not an ex­pert in elec­tronics, work with a part­ner who has full know­ledge of safe­ty precau­tions.

Also, tele­visions can be toxic to the environ­ment. So be sure to dis­pose of the inner workings respons­ibly.

1. Turn your television into a Bar. I’ve seen other re­cycled tv bars, but this is my favor­ite, by far.

2. Make your own Aquar­ium. Basic­ally, remove the in­ner work­ings of the set, and re­place with a pur­chased aquar­ium.

3. If you have a special photo­graph, show it off with a TV Turned  Photo Frame.

4. Have small kids? Then you’ll love this Con­sole TV to Pup­pet Theater Make­over.

5. Build this ador­able Play Kit­chen from an old tele­vision stand.

6. Add a wire door to a TV frame and create a Cage For Small Pets. DIY from Instruct­ables.

7. Use the console from a large tele­vision set to make a Bed For Small And Medium Dogs.

8. Learn about an art­ist that creates Unique Jewelry from re­cycled tele­vision parts. Sadly, no instruc­tions are included.

9. An Emp­tied TV set and a comfy pil­low make a private Bed For Your Favor­ite Cat.

10. Re­cycle an old tele­vision cabinet into great look­ing Living Room Furni­ture.

11. This pro­ject is way too tech­nical for me to do, but apparently you can turn your tele­vision into a Light Synthesizer. Who knew!

12. Need another techie project? Redo your TV into a Solar Powered Cook­er.

13. Re­nov­ate your TV into a fabul­ous Display Piece. No instruc­tions, but must be seen!!

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20 Crafty Ways To Use Up Fabric Scraps


20 Crafty Ways To Use Up Fabric ScrapsGrandma Toby always had a mountain of fabric scraps. Leftovers from sewing projects, hems cut off  pants, recycled out of style  skirts, old pillowcases; everything was added to the pile. If you have your own fabric scraps,  here are  20  crafty  uses for your excess of riches.

1. Make a patchwork quilt. Patchwork quilts were first designed to use up small, leftover pieces of fabric. Here is a simple quilt pattern from Moda Bake Shop

2. Create your own fabric collage. Fabric collages are part art and part craft. Speckled Nest offers some very basic instructions for fabric collages.

3. Stretch your creativity with artist trading cards or ATCs. ATCs are usually made of paper, but a few brave folks have started experimenting with fabric.

4 & 5. Sew a couple of two-handed potholders and/or oven mitts. Coordinate them with your kitchen decor to change the look of your kitchen.

6. Throw together a couple of amazing fabric bookmarks.  How About Orange has put together a short tutorial.

7. Stitch your own little accessories. Just a small rectangle of fabric can make several tiny purses.

8. Combine patterned or solid colored cotton with fabric appliques to make bibs.  Bibs always make popular gifts for new parents.

9. Stretch your wardrobe by making removable embellishments. Just use any embellishment tutorial but instead of sewing it onto your clothing, attach the embellishment with a safety pin. Instructables has the how to’s for a flower.

10. Start wearing hats again. You can afford to when you sew your own. All you need is a 1/2 yard of stretchy fabric to make  a  beret.

11. Give a dash of color to your dining room with a new table runner. When made from patchwork, table runners are practically free.

12 & 13. Quit buying scrunchies or headbands and learn to sew your own.  Hair accessories make a great mother and daughter sewing project

14. Make some lovely holiday gifts for the seamstresses on your list. Pincushions can run the gamut from quick and easy to delightfully delicate.

15. Never damage your tables again. Instead, stitch a couple of cute little coasters using a free pattern from allsorts.

16. Glue scraps of fabric onto cardstock to make homemade greeting cards. The fabric adds a lot of interest to the finished project.

17. Save money by sewing your own felt slippers. Martha Stewart has an adorable pattern for slippers that can be adjusted to different foot sizes.

18. Remember, patchwork isn’t just for home decor. Check out these directions for a great looking skirt.

19. Wear glasses? How about sewing a Quilted Eyeglass Case?

20. Try your hand at a pillow. You won’t need more than a couple of inches of any one fabric scrap if you use a quilting technique.

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Recycled Yard Art In Jerusalem


Yard Art, Jerusalem Style 1BOn the way to a family barbecue in Neve Yaakov, my husband and I had to change buses in Jerusalem.  We were surprised to see that the house right behind the transfer stop had an entire yard decorated with pacifiers and toys.

Yard Art, Jerusalem Style 3At first, we thought the home owners just had an unusual sense of humor, but my niece later explained that the yard art was recycled from items that children had thrown behind the fence while their parents were waiting for a bus.

Yard Art, Jerusalem Style 2

Rather than getting upset or throwing out the junk dumped into their yard, the family transformed it into  unique outdoor decor.

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