DIY Soda Can Coasters


DIY Soda Can CoastersDescription: Instead of throwing out your old soda cans, recycle them into useful and chic coasters.

Craft Link : DIY Soda Can Coasters

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13 Crafty Ways To Recycle Your TV


Crafty Ways To Recycle A Television

Ready for a new TV? Ins­tead of throw­ing out your old set, how about recycl­ing it into some­thing great?

What follows are 13 Craf­ty Ways To Re­cycle Your TV. I’ve in­cluded pro­jects that use all parts of the tv. This inc­ludes con­soles, stands and the tv it­self.

Please keep in mind, that even un­plugged, a tele­vision set can be dan­ger­­ous. If you’re not an ex­pert in elec­tronics, work with a part­ner who has full know­ledge of safe­ty precau­tions.

Also, tele­visions can be toxic to the environ­ment. So be sure to dis­pose of the inner workings respons­ibly.

1. Turn your television into a Bar. I’ve seen other re­cycled tv bars, but this is my favor­ite, by far.

2. Make your own Aquar­ium. Basic­ally, remove the in­ner work­ings of the set, and re­place with a pur­chased aquar­ium.

3. If you have a special photo­graph, show it off with a TV Turned  Photo Frame.

4. Have small kids? Then you’ll love this Con­sole TV to Pup­pet Theater Make­over.

5. Build this ador­able Play Kit­chen from an old tele­vision stand.

6. Add a wire door to a TV frame and create a Cage For Small Pets. DIY from Instruct­ables.

7. Use the console from a large tele­vision set to make a Bed For Small And Medium Dogs.

8. Learn about an art­ist that creates Unique Jewelry from re­cycled tele­vision parts. Sadly, no instruc­tions are included.

9. An Emp­tied TV set and a comfy pil­low make a private Bed For Your Favor­ite Cat.

10. Re­cycle an old tele­vision cabinet into great look­ing Living Room Furni­ture.

11. This pro­ject is way too tech­nical for me to do, but apparently you can turn your tele­vision into a Light Synthesizer. Who knew!

12. Need another techie project? Redo your TV into a Solar Powered Cook­er.

13. Re­nov­ate your TV into a fabul­ous Display Piece. No instruc­tions, but must be seen!!

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Designing Cardboard Furniture


Designing Cardboard FurnitureDescription: Instructables has comp­il­ed an ex­cel­lent post on build­ing card­board fur­ni­ture.

Craft Link: Designing Cardboard Furniture

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60 Fresh And Fun Ways To Recycle Toilet Paper Rolls


toilet paper roll projects

source: Just A Girl Blog

From the time I saw my first recycled Toilet Paper Roll project posted on Design Sponge, I have been OBSESSED with the possibilities of this free and versatile crafting supply.

Since that time, back in 2009, a world of toilet paper roll reuse projects has sprung up all over the internet. The lowly toilet paper roll is no longer relegated just to the kids craft box. It’s now a supply used in adult crafts seen in the chicest of  homes.

Enough said!

60 Fresh And Fun Ways To Recycle Toilet Paper Rolls

Wall Art:


For The Kids:

For The Outdoors

For The Holidays:

Fashion Accessories:

Home Accessories:

Crafting Tools

Organizational Tools:

Gift Wrapping/Boxes

Inspiration Only:

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DIY Cut Glass Bottle Vases


DIY Cut Glass Bottle Vases











Description : Centsational Girl made these fabulous bottle vases using a kit. So much fun!!

Craft Link :  DIY Cut Glass Bottle Vases

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Recycled Magazine Mirror


recycled magazine mirrorDescription : Except for the mirror itself, every part of the mirror is from scraps and throwaways.

Craft Link :  Recycled Magazine Mirror

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DIY Sewing Box From Recycled Book


DIY Sewing Box From Old BookDescription: Make this sewing kit from a recycled book. The project is an excerpt from The Recycled Library by Lisa Occhipinti.

Craft Link:  DIY Sewing Box From Recycled Book

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