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20 Crafty Ways To Use Up Fabric Scraps

November 9, 2014 / 2 Comments

20 Crafty Ways To Use Up Fabric ScrapsGrandma Toby always had a mountain of fabric scraps. Leftovers from sewing projects, hems cut off  pants, recycled out of style  skirts, old pillowcases; everything was added to the pile. If you have your own fabric scraps,  here are  20  crafty  uses for your excess of riches.

1. Make a patchwork quilt. Patchwork quilts were first designed to use up small, leftover pieces of fabric. Here is a simple quilt pattern from Moda Bake Shop

2. Create your own fabric collage. Fabric collages are part art and part craft. Speckled Nest offers some very basic instructions for fabric collages.

3. Stretch your creativity with artist trading cards or ATCs. ATCs are usually made of paper, but a few brave folks have started experimenting with fabric.

4 & 5. Sew a couple of two-handed potholders and/or oven mitts. Coordinate them with your kitchen decor to change the look of your kitchen.

6. Throw together a couple of amazing fabric bookmarks.  How About Orange has put together a short tutorial.

7. Stitch your own little accessories. Just a small rectangle of fabric can make several tiny purses.

8. Combine patterned or solid colored cotton with fabric appliques to make bibs.  Bibs always make popular gifts for new parents.

9. Stretch your wardrobe by making removable embellishments. Just use any embellishment tutorial but instead of sewing it onto your clothing, attach the embellishment with a safety pin. Instructables has the how to’s for a flower.

10. Start wearing hats again. You can afford to when you sew your own. All you need is a 1/2 yard of stretchy fabric to make  a  beret.

11. Give a dash of color to your dining room with a new table runner. When made from patchwork, table runners are practically free.

12 & 13. Quit buying scrunchies or headbands and learn to sew your own.  Hair accessories make a great mother and daughter sewing project

14. Make some lovely holiday gifts for the seamstresses on your list. Pincushions can run the gamut from quick and easy to delightfully delicate.

15. Never damage your tables again. Instead, stitch a couple of cute little coasters using a free pattern from allsorts.

16. Glue scraps of fabric onto cardstock to make homemade greeting cards. The fabric adds a lot of interest to the finished project.

17. Save money by sewing your own felt slippers. Martha Stewart has an adorable pattern for slippers that can be adjusted to different foot sizes.

18. Remember, patchwork isn’t just for home decor. Check out these directions for a great looking skirt.

19. Wear glasses? How about sewing a Quilted Eyeglass Case?

20. Try your hand at a pillow. You won’t need more than a couple of inches of any one fabric scrap if you use a quilting technique.

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Recycled Yard Art In Jerusalem

August 18, 2014 / No Comments

Yard Art, Jerusalem Style 1BOn the way to a family barbecue in Neve Yaakov, my husband and I had to change buses in Jerusalem.  We were surprised to see that the house right behind the transfer stop had an entire yard decorated with pacifiers and toys.

Yard Art, Jerusalem Style 3At first, we thought the home owners just had an unusual sense of humor, but my niece later explained that the yard art was recycled from items that children had thrown behind the fence while their parents were waiting for a bus.

Yard Art, Jerusalem Style 2

Rather than getting upset or throwing out the junk dumped into their yard, the family transformed it into  unique outdoor decor.

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Easy Button Magnets

December 24, 2013 / No Comments

Easy Button MagnetsDescription: All you need are some old but­tons, plain mag­nets and a hot glue gun to make these ador­able and use­ful fridge mag­nets. You won’t even need to pur­chase plain mag­nets if you re­use ad­ver­tis­ing free­bies.

Craft Link: Button Magnets

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35 Crafty Ways To Recycle Cans

August 25, 2013 / No Comments

35-Crafty-Ways-To-Recycle-CansUsed cans are one of the most com­­mon throw­aways.  Al­though they are norm­ally con­sid­er­ed trash, cans  have doz­ens of oth­er fun uses.  I’ve used them as a mold for pap­er mak­ing, but they can be used to make stor­age, toys for the kids, and even great look­ing home ac­ces­sor­ies.

Just keep in mind that open­ed cans al­ways need to be check­ed for sharp edges. These can be sand­ed down, if need be.

With that said, here are a coup­­le of my fav­­or­­ite i­deas. But please don’t be lim­it­ed by my sug­ges­tions. You can find plen­ty of other re­use proj­ects in a quick search of Goog­le.



Home Decor



For The Garden

Everything Else

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