Woodland Inspired Rug Tutorial


Woodland Inspired Rug Tutorial

Description: To make the wood themed rug, take a plain green rug, made a couple of fabric mushrooms and hot glue them in place. Absolutely brilliant! Couldn’t you also try something like this with 3D flowers?

Craft Link: Woodland Inspired Rug Tutorial

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Rugmaking Links


Making Canvas RugsThese rug­mak­ing links were first post­ed in 2008. Today, I did a major ov­er­haul on them, so I’m post­ing the list a­gain for ev­er­y­one to en­joy.

I love the i­dea of mak­ing my own rugs. I hav­en’t done it yet, but I am de­ter­mined to ev­ent­u­ally. In the meanw­hile, I keep col­lect­ing ar­t­ic­les and pat­terns for rug making.

My favorite technique?

Something easy. So for me, that would be either a crocheted rug or a sewn rug. I can’t wait to get started!


I love crocheted rugs. Try them with rug yarn, t-shirts torn into continuous strips, and long strips of bedsheets.


I haven’t collected a lot of information on braided rugs from the internet because I own books on the subject. The books are The Illustrated Guide to Rug Braiding by Vera Cox and The Braided Rug Book by Norma Sturges.


All the rugs in this section are created from remnants, samples, doormats or inexpensive sisal.


The fact that I am not much of a painter does not stop me from dreaming.


I love to sew and I always have tons of remnants that I am desperate to find a purpose for.


Hooked rugs are my sisters current favorite needlecraft. She makes only large ones and then gives most of them away. I am the current beneficiary. I recently received a 3×3 foot country scene done in wool strips.

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Free Striped Rug Pattern


free striped rug patternDescription : The Free Striped Rug Pattern allows you the opportunity to use up some of your scrap yarns. Free registration required to access pattern.

Craft Link : Free Striped Rug Pattern

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Free Patchwork Runner Pattern


free patchwork runner patternDescription : This Free Patchwork Runner Pattern is made from smaller floor mats, sewn together.

Craft Link : Free Patchwork Runner Pattern

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DIY: Sew A Rug From A Tea Towel


sew a rug from a tea towel 2

Description : After you learn to Sew A Rug From A Tea Towel,  considering substituting other fabrics… the fabric from your curtains or tablecloth both may look nice as a rug.

Craft Link : DIY: Sew A Rug From A Tea Towel

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Crochet A Desert Star Rug


crochet a desert star rugDescription : You can’t really tell from the photograph but this rug is a very nice size….36 inches x 48 inches.

Craft Link : Crochet A Desert Star Rug

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Crochet A Taos Rug


crochet a taos rugDescription: Once every­thing is bro­ken down into sec­tions, this Taos Rug isn’t near­ly as hard to cro­chet as it in­i­tially appears.

Craft Link : Crochet A Taos Rug

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