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Scrapbook Makeovers

September 3, 2009 / No Comments

I decided to to makeovers on a couple of scrapbook pages today. I thought the project would just take an hour.  However, since I wasn’t happy with the initial results, the pages took over three hours to complete!

Here are the results of my work.

Problem: I hated the pink area in the lower left corner, but I didn’t want to redo the whole page. 

Solution: I used two shades of green paper and a flower punch to create a more attractive corner.



Problem: I liked the layout of the photos but thought the black background was too dreary.

Solution: I cut out the center layout and glued it onto a new, red background. I then framed the red background with a sheet of black cardstock. I added red and gold accents to the center of the layout.




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Shades Of Blue Scrapbook Layout

October 17, 2008 / No Comments

 I love the colors in this layout. The blues go great with my son’s cap and gown. The whole effect is bright, cheery and a little bit scholarly!

To make this page, I cut out white stencil letters and glued them onto a blue rectangle. Then, I cut out out a light blue cap and centered it onto a darker blue cap. Finally, I alternated light and dark blue squares with square cropped photos.

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How To Make A Scrapped Album

October 17, 2008 / No Comments

scan00042What do you do with all those photos that are too nice to throw out, but don’t fit onto your scrapbook layout? Many people just throw them into a cardboard box to be lost forever. Others, shoved into an album, unsorted and unlabeled.

Here’s a quick way to make an organized and attractive album out of those photos. I call it a “scrapped album.”

Scrapped albums are albums that are half photo album and half scrapbook. The photos are placed in standard 3 pocket photo albums but labels, decorative elements, journaling and title pages can be added.

Here’s how:

First, gather your materials. You will need all of your leftover photos, a standard album with 3 pockets on each side, acid free cardstock, glue and a scissors. If you want to use other embellishments, like stickers, get them together now also.

Second, sort your photos by event or by person and place into the album. Decide where you may want to place some journaling, and leave that pocket free.

Third, go back a personalize your album. Choose one of the ideas below to use on each two page layout. Unless you really have the time, it is not necessary to do more than that.

Cut square of cardstock the same size as your photos and use it for journaling or a title.

Cut small tabs and glue them onto the edge of photos for labeling.

Cut some pictures down and place frames around them.

I’m sure you can think of lots of other great ideas to do with your scrapped album. Just don’t go overboard, however.

Remember: This album is supposed to be in place of a scrapbook, not another scrapbook.

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Scrapbooking Tips

October 10, 2008 / No Comments

Scrapbooking Tips

Don’t try to save money by using non acid-free paper. Acidic paper will ruin your pictures after a few years and is just not worth the savings.

Never throw out your scraps. Scraps can always be used on another project.

Know what you have. You don’t want to run out to the store and pay full price for yellow fibers when you already have some buried in your stash somewhere.

Avoid lettering only with stickers. Alphabet stickers can be costly. Instead try doing hand lettering or printing out letters from the computer. A one time purchase of letter stencils is also economical in the long run.

Trade with your friend. What is old for her, will be new to you.

Make your own embellishments. Serendipity squares, bottle caps, tags and shakers are expensive to buy, but cheap to make.

Don’t buy to many books and magazines. The internet is full of patterns, how-to’s and inspiration. And, what you can’t find on the internet, is available at the library.

You don’t need to need to purchase every new supply or tool that hits the market. All you really need is a good pair of scissors, some kind of adhesive, patterned paper, cardstock, templates and a couple of punches. Everything else is gravy.

Scrap with a friend. This doubles the number of tools available.

Take a look at your local dollar store. Mine has wonderful, but cheap, packages of vellum, patterned papers, fancy scissors, punches, stickers, rubber stamps and acid-free glue sticks. All of these products would cost at least 50% more in a scrapbooking store.

Target has very reasonably priced packages of patterned paper and cardstock.

Consider purchasing from ebay. I frequently by large lots of used products. The pricing is very good and I get a wide mix of stuff. The last lot had fancy scissors, papers, cardstock, letter templates, shape templates and stickers. All for about $16.00 dollars, including shipping.

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