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Essential Tips For Surviving Air Travel

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essential-tips-for-surviving-air-travelsource: Stan Wiechers


Assume the airline will lose your luggage.  Mine was lost going to the US and coming back to the Middle East. Plan accordingly.

1) Be sure to mark all pieces carefully in at least two places.

2) Take your valuables with you in your carry on.

3) Get supplementary luggage insurance.

4) Divide clothing between pieces of luggage to insure you have something to wear.

5) Don’t be shy about calling the Lost and Found Department. It helps.

Security Checks

New security polices make air travel safer, but are hard for the traveler.

6) Don’t bring drinks, lotions, shampoos or mouthwashes in your carry on.  They will be taken away by security.

7) Make sure your passport, ticket and ID are easily accessible.  You will be asked for them several times.

8) Be sure to take your laptop and large electrical appliances out of you carry on and place them in one of the buckets that are provided, ahead of time.  Otherwise, you’ll slow down the lines.

Maneuvering Through The Airport

I traveled through five airports this summer. Most were enormous, especially the international airports. Your carry on needs to be designed for a lot of trudging.

9) Try to take as little as possible in your carry on or make sure your carry on is on wheels.

Wait Time

Most airlines recommend that passengers arrive at the airport two hours ahead of time for domestic flights, and three hours ahead for international flights. In addition, may flights are delayed. You need to prepare carefully for the wait time.

10) Try to avoid buying anything at the airport.  Prices are inflated 2-3 times normal.

11) Bring a few aspirin if you’re prone to aggravation headaches.

12) A book or two, plus a laptop and cell phone make the time go faster.

14) I find puzzle magazines and hand held games are also helpful.

15) Go to the bathroom a few minutes before your flight.  You may not have access to a restroom for at least an hour, once you get on the plane.


Airline food is not always the tastiest or served in large enough portions. Plus, wait time between connecting flights can be several hours. Pack enough food to avoid having to purchase any at the airport.

16) Eat right before leaving for the airport, but avoid greasy foods.

17) I always bring a variety of foods to the airport. Chips, sweets, fruit and a sandwich are all good choices.

18) Drinks will be taken away by security, so get a drink from the water fountain, or bring money to buy drinks.

After reading over these tips, you may decide I’m being overly cautious. But after an entire month of heavy travel, I assure you, I’m not.




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