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Recycled Aspirin Bottle Knitting Spool

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aspirin bottle to knitting spool

On my tenth birth­day, I received a knit­ting spool as one of my birth­day pres­ents. I loved that thing. I played with my knit­ting spool all sum­mer long, mak­ing brac­elets, neck­lac­es, head­bands and fan­cy dress­es for my dolls.

Re­cent­ly, my in­ter­est in this craft has re­vived and I’ve been cur­ious to see what an ad­ult could do with such a sim­ple tool. How­ev­er,  as I cur­rent­ly live in the Mid­dle East, knit­ting spools aren’t ex­act­ly easy to loc­ate

The so­lu­tion?

I cre­at­ed my own knit­ting spool from an empty aspirin bottle. Not only did I have an evening of nostalgic pleasure rediscovering an old love, I also saved a plastic container from the city dump.

Here’s what I did:

First, I removed all labels and identifying information off the bottle. I will probably hand the knitting spool off to one of my nieces eventually,  and I don’t want them equating medicine bottles with toys.  Plus, the knitting spool looks much nicer without a label on it.

Next, I removed the bottom of the bottle using a small but extremely sharp scissors.

Finally, using the same scissors, I cut four evenly spaced tabs into the walls of the bottle. I removed all the plastic between the tabs.

That’s all.

The resulting spool is surprising strong and flexible and the entire process took less than an hour.

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