10 Free Stuffed Animal Patterns To Sew


10 free stuffed animal patterns for you to sew for your favorite child, friend, or even yourself.

Patterns vary in level of difficulty and detail of instructions.

PicMonkey Collage

First row, left to right: 1. Platypus, 2. Bunnies, 3. Turtles, 4. Totoro

Middle row, left to right: 5. Farm Friends, 6. Crab

Last row, left to right: 7. Polar Bear, 8. Dragon, 9. Fox, 10. Raccoon

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Comments: 3

  1. Frayda says:

    Leah crocheted an adorable lamb and lion for Ziva. These projects are so cute!

  2. doris murray says:

    Love the owl pattern you have and I would like to know how i could get a copy of this please.

  3. admin says:

    The pattern is available at Lion Brand Yarn. Sadly, you need to become a member before you can access the pattern. It only takes a minute though and it’s free. Afterwards, you’ll be able to search through hundreds of great projects.

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