37 Printable Toys For Young Children

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cnt-0011325_detail-01_m2xSince my children are all adults, and I have very little storage space in my home, I don’t have a lot of toys available for small guests.

Sometimes, when I have children visit, I like to make a few quick, disposable playthings using my com­put­er. Most of the projects listed on this page can be assembled in an hour or less. I also frequently choose a project that requires black ink only, in order to save money.

Because of the nature of paper, none of these toys will last beyond a few hours.  So keep that in mind when deciding how much of your time you want to invest in one of these projects.

Free Toys For Kids

Free Theater Set For Kids

Free Puppets For Kids

Free Playsets For Kids

Free Board Games For Kids


Printing : Print these projects out on the thickest cardstock that will go through your printer. If only regular paper will go through your printer, paste the printouts onto cardstock using a glue stick.

If you don’t own a color printer, print the projects out in black and white, but on colored paper.

Gluing : Avoid using glue if you can. A good quality glue stick works much better because it doesn’t warp the paper.

Cutting : Make each cut as long as you can. The more individual snips you make, the worse the result.

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