10 Ways To Make A Museum Trip Amazing

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Museum Tripssource: Kate Gardiner

Good news! There is a much better way to enjoy museums!

Just follow the ideas below and make museums trips exciting and memorable instead of brutal and blah.

10 Ways To Make A Museum Trip Amazing

(1) Find out what lectures, movies, tours and hands-on activities are available. Be sure to reserve a space for all.

(2) Look online to find out about special exhibits. Get some background on what you’ll be seeing. If possible, print the information out and take it with you.

(3) Have everyone bring or share cameras. Though most museums won’t allow photos inside, they do usually let pictures be taken outdoors.

(4) Set a goal for each member of your group to learn and remember one interesting thing. Share your findings during lunch.

(5) See if the museum has a nice sculpture garden or other outdoor spot, and take advantage of that too. Take a lunch or drink, talk over what you saw and enjoy watching the other visitors.

(6) Find out from the front desk what materials are available to enjoy the exhibits. These usually range from small brochures, to earplugs and other listening devices. The last time we went to the Walter’s Art Gallery, in Baltimore, they lent out coloring pages and crayons.

(7) Give everyone a small pad of paper and pen to take notes or make sketches.

(8) Look around for an art student or docent and try to engage him or her in a serious conversation about a particular exhibit.

(9) Make a small purchase in the museum store.  Kids, especially, look forward to purchasing a postcard or other small trinket to remember the trip.

(10) Design your own scavenger hunt. Using the internet beforehand, make a list of some of the exhibits you want to see, and check off each as you locate it.

What do all all of these activities have in common? They allow you and the rest of your group to full engage with the museum. That engagement makes the entire day much more memorable.

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