8 Ways To Find Inspiration

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14420946270_5f877a92f9_zsource: Larry Vincent

Very few of us, even when following project instructions, follow the design exactly. We like to add our own fabrics,  our own em­bell­ish­ments,  our own little touch. Something that makes the project our own.

But what happens when inspiration just won’t come? Eight ways of “forcing” inspiration are discussed in an article at Marc Makes Art.

Here is my favorite :

Other Artists. When I feel uninspired, I go to the library and sit on the floor with art books sprawled around me. I always like to choose some favorites, and a few that are unfamiliar. I keep a notebook of ideas that sometimes includes rough sketches of an idea, but always a line or two about a project I want to start. Sometimes, it isn’t the library, but the Internet where I look at inspiring artwork. Drawn!, Flickr, DeviantArt, PhotoJojo, a random Google search, The Wooster Collective, or even a place like Bighappyfunhouse….Always explore the unknown genres of art, music, whatever when finding yourself uninspired.

Head on over to read the rest of the article for seven more inspiring ideas.

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