Favorite Blogs And Sites

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Favorite Blogs And Sites

source: Leo Leung

Since that time, my choices for reading have changed a lot.  In general, my  reading  has been pruned down,  but there are a couple of additions. So, here is my new, updated list.  Hope you enjoy!


  • Crafty Pod – Why? Wonderful podcasts on a wide variety of crafty topics.
  • How About Orange – Why? Super classy blog with lots of very doable projects and great resources.
  • Little Grey Bungalow – Why? Lots of posts on retro living, vintage sewing patterns and forgotten crafting styles.


  • Unclutterer – Why? Lots of good advise and links on living a simple life in a small space. Not just a rehash of the same old advise.


  • The Simple Dollar  Why? Because he doesn’t just recycle the usual trite money saving suggestions. He actually thinks things through before writing about them.

Board Games

  • Print And Play Podcast Blog  Why? Reviews of print and play games. (Only updates a few times a month)
  • Board Game Geek – Why? Anything and everything you could possibly want to know about buying, making and playing board games.


  • Cheap Healthy Good – Why? I read this blog primarily for the constant stream of great links.
  • Jewish Food List Why? Simple, down-to-earth recipes for folks short on time.


  • ProBlogger Why? Darren is the cream of online blogging resources.


  • TED – Why? Hundreds of stimulating lectures and videos on a wide range of topics.

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