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Favorite Readssource: utnapistim

When I stumble upon a blog I really enjoy, one of the things I always do is check out what THEY read. I figure, if I enjoy their blog, we must share the same interests. And, being a blogger, they must really know who the “stars” of the blogging community are.

Here is my list of current favorites. They may not be the blogs I love in a month from now, but as of now, these are the blogs I read every day.  Hope you enjoy!


  • Crafty Pod – Why? Wonderful podcasts on a wide variety of crafty topics.
  • How About Orange – Why? Super classy blog with lots of very doable projects and great resources.
  • MeggieCat – Why? Links to  tons of very unusual resources. (Has not been updating recently)
  • Cathy of California Why? I love all the photos she puts up of vintage crafts.


  • Small Notebook – Why? This blog always has new takes on old homemaking problems.
  • Home Living – Why? This is the blog of the famous Lady Lydia of Ladies Against Feminism



  • The Simple Dollar Why? Because he doesn’t just recycle the usual trite money saving suggestions. He actually thinks things through before writing about them.

Board Games

  • Yehuda – Why? Lots of good information on games and gam­ing in Isr­ael.
  • Print And Play Podcast Blog Why? Reviews of print and play games. (Only up­dates a few times a month)


  • 101 Cookbooks Why? Gourmet veg­et­ar­ian rec­ipes with gor­geous pic­tures.


  • ProBlogger Why? Darren is the cream of on­line blog­ging res­our­ces.

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  1. Rebecca says:

    Thanks so much for reading and linking to the big felafel. Very encouraging, considering we haven’t been writing too often lately…. I’m also really happy I found your blog – I love crafty stuff, there was a time when I was making necklaces and earrings out of recycled materials and crocheting scarves. You make me wanna start up again.

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