The Importance Of Being Flexible

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The-Importance-Of-Being-Flexible-214x300As I’ve men­tioned in prev­ious posts, I’m a prac­ti­cal craft­er. I don’t us­ual­ly make any­thing un­less it’s need­ed. And, I try to never buy some­thing which can be made.

Which means, when I de­cid­ed I need more toys for my tod­dler neph­ews, I was de­ter­mined to make them my­self.

My first thought was make a Qui­et Book for the boys. I had vis­ions of color­ful felt pup­pets, but­ton and zip­per pag­es and wonder­ful pipe­cleaner weav­ing ac­tiv­ities.

With these ideas in mind I head­ed off to the craft store. When I got there, I found that there were no in­div­idual rec­tan­gles of felt on the shelves. There were also no but­tons and zip­pers.

How­ever, I did see some won­der­ful­ly glit­tery pipe­clean­ers and spark­ly foam sheets. Tacky, but per­fect for lit­tle boys.

I real­ized im­med­iat­ely that I was go­ing to need a change of plans.


That’s where the in­ter­net came in. As soon as I re­turned from the store I did a search for home­made tod­dler toys + foam and an­other search for home­made tod­dler toys + pipe clean­ers.  After a bit of pok­ing around I came up with two great ideas.

The first was for a foam sew­ing toy. It’s made by cut­ting foam into aqua­tic shapes and punch­ing holes around the ed­ges.

The sec­ond was for a sim­ple jar toy with holes in the lid. Tod­dlers can shove pipe clean­ers through the holes.

I made up both toys with­in an hour and still had sup­plies left for anoth­er day’s proj­ects.


This ex­per­ience has taught me a val­uable les­son.

When I craft I usu­ally fol­low a very sim­ple sys­tem. I make a plan, buy or find the sup­plies, and con­struct the proj­ect.  I do what­ever I need to do to make the plan work.

This time I learned that flex­ibil­ity may be just as use­ful as dili­gence. I had suc­cess with the toy making ven­ture be­cause I was wil­ling to let my ori­gi­nal plan go, and go with the path that opened to me.

My hus­band, who is very spir­it­ual, says this is a les­son for life. I agree.

source: Go Interactive Wellness

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