Want More Money? Ask Better Questions

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How can I make more money from my craft business?

That’s what every business person asks himself/herself once in a while. While that’s a good question, it’s not the only good one.  There are a lot of other questions, that can also lead to an increase in income

Indirect questions:

How can I improve my business?

How can I give my customers an excellent experience?

How can I make my business unique?

How can I keep my customers coming back?

How can I improve my products?

How can I keep my customers interested in my product longer?

How can I improve my crafting skills?

How can I improve my photography skills?

How can I improve my packaging?

How can I get more media attention for my product?

How can I promote my product better?

What would my current customers like to know more about?

What is one thing I can do today to improve my business by 5%?

How can I serve my customers better?

Some of these questions might not seem like they will lead to an increase in income, but they will.

A better product leads to word of mouth, media shout outs, repeat business; all things that lead to interested eyes on your product. More eyes=more chances that your craft will be purchased.

Direct questions:

What unfulfilled needs do my customers have?

How can I make more money from the customers  I already have?

How can I create better selling products?

What classes, services, add ons might interest my customers?

What products are hard for my customers to locate?

What kind of products would improve my customers lives?

What kind of information would improve my customers lives?

What kind of services would improve my customers lives?

What kind of products do my customers already buy?

What kind of problems to my  customers have? What worries them?

How do my customers  relax, play, make money?

As you may have noticed, many of these questions are based around what you can do to improve the lives of your customers. 

We are not just being altruistic. Whether we realize or not, the real basis behind all financial transactions is the customers belief that the product will make him happier. No one makes a purchase unless he or she believes it will improve her life (at least for a few minutes).  By understanding this, we can use this mindset to become more in touch with what our customers are most likely to spend money on.

Give these questions a try. They might revolutionize the direction your money making efforts take.

source: oberazzi

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