Recycled Pillow Tutorial


refurbished-pillow-tutorialAs with most of my craft proj­ects, this re­cyc­led pil­low was in­spir­ed by need. My fav­or­ite pil­low need­ed to be wash­ed be­cause spilled soda soaked through the case. But, when I took the pil­low out of the dry­er, I found that the case was torn and the in­sides had mat­ted. Ugh!

In­stead of throw­ing the pil­low out and spend­ing at least 10-20 dollars on a new one, I de­cid­ed to re­cyc­le the old one.

First, I lo­cat­ed an old pil­low case. The one I found was a pres­ent from when I first got mar­ried 25 years ago. It was still in­tact, but hor­rib­ly fad­ed.

Then, I pulled apart the stuf­fing from the damaged pil­low. This took about 20 min­utes, be­cause I did­n’t want even small clumps in the new one. Some of the stuf­fing had to be thrown out because I just could­n’t get it to plump up, but most was sal­vag­ed.

Fin­al­ly, I placed the stuf­fing in the new pil­low­case and sewed the edges to­geth­er.

The new pil­low is slight­ly flat­ter than the old one was, but still high­ly us­able. I’ve been sleep­ing with it for two nights now, and I’m ex­treme­ly sat­is­fied.

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  1. Wow! This JUST happened to me too this week! I am so glad I found your post through the Carnival of the Green. I was just resigned to sleeping on a matted, uncomfortable pillow because I, like you, couldn’t bring myself to throw it out. Now I know what to do to fix it. Bravo. I’ll probably link to this post on Fake Plastic Fish.


  2. This is just the kind of thing we need right now. I like that you repurposed your pillow….into another pillow! If more of us were as resourceful, we would stop a lot of waste from going into the landfils.

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