Bat Yam Beach Trip

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Bat-Yam-500x375source: Eran Sandler

I took a trip to Bat Yam beach yesterday with a few friends. Bat Yam is located on Israel’s Mediterranean Sea coast and is very beautiful.

Bat-Yam1-500x375source: philrieberer

I was afraid to take my camera because the sand might have damaged the lens so I found a couple of photos on Flickr that show exactly what it looks like.

Bat Yamsource: Or Hiltch

You might be interested to learn that Bat Yam has “ladies only” days each week.  Except for the life guards, a large portion of the beach is restricted entirely to women (and young children). This is done for religious reasons, as many Israeli women will not show their bodies to men.

On a side note, having lived in Israel for almost ten years, I knew better than to spend an entire day exposed to the harsh sun. Instead, I made myself an impromptu beach shelter. Everyone was amazed at how well it worked.

No pictures are available but here are instructions:

1) Gather several beach towels, 1 large sheet, 4 strong rubber bands and 4 screw-in broom/mop handles with holes at the top.

2. Attach two of the handles together using the rubber bands so that they make a v-shape. Repeat with the other two handles.

3. Push each of the upside down v-shapes into the sand, about 3-4 feet from each other. These are your two walls. They should look very similar to the two ends of a swing set.

4. Drape the sheet across the walls. Since there is no “roof support” that sheet will drag slightly in the middle.

5. Use the beach towels to create the floor of your shelter.

Once the materials were gathered, the entire process took about 5 minutes and stayed up the entire day.

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