The Spice Store

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Spice Store 1

I have a new favorite store. It’s located just a few blocks from my home and it sells every spice and seasoning you can possibly conceive of.

Spice Store 2

Among the many goodies I found were both cinnamon bark and cinnamon sticks, edible roses and what I think were preserved lemons. Plus it had at least a dozen kinds of halva (a sweet treat made from sesame paste), pickled lima beans, and all kinds of middle eastern pastries. In addition, it had an enormous selection of unusual grains, wines, and olives. I feel like the list could go on for days. Yum!

Spice Store 3

I skipped all of that though, and spent my time at the spice counter. It had dozens of spices to choose from but in the end I purchased a tiny clear box of saffron, a bag of garam masala and a bag of za’atar.

The next time I go I’m going to check out the wet bins. I saw a wet mix made of all kinds of slivered nuts and dried fruits. I have no idea what it is, or what it’s used for,  but I’m thinking it’s got to be delicious.

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