Needlepoint Tips

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needlepoint-tipssource: Krista

My daughter bought me a needlepoint kit one year, when she was away on vacation. I changed a few of the colors, did a little redesign, and after about 15 months it was quite beautiful.

My son had recently gotten married so I decided to have the needlepoint framed and then give it to them as a gift. What a shock I had when I got the bill from the framer!

The total cost of having the needlepoint framed was almost $150.00.

Since then I have been on a search for cheaper ways to do needlepoint. Here are some of the ideas I’ve discovered.

Learn Finishing Techniques

Learn to do your own blocking and framing. You will save hundreds of dollars.

Do No-Frame Projects

Another way to save money on framing is to create projects that don’t need a frame. Pillows and bell pulls are pretty and cost very little to finish.

Try Smaller Projects

If you only enjoy needlepointing pictures, then do a series of 8×11’s instead of one big 24×30. If you do the blocking and framing yourself, using dollar store frames, you will save almost $100.00.

Consider Cheaper Yarns

Needlepoint stores will insist you need to use the highest quality yarns only. I don’t see why. I have made needlepoints from skeins of inexpensive yarn and they came out beautifully.

Recycle Commercial Kits

Sometimes you will see a needlepoint kit on a tremendous clearance sale but it is not to your taste. Consider buying it anyway if it is cheap enough. You can often change the colors of the needlepoint to ones you prefer. And, the yarns can be reused in another project.

Look For Sales

Try to avoid going into expensive needlepoint shops unless there is a big sale. Prices in these stores will generally be 50% higher than in craft store chains.

Shop Ebay

Instead, shop on ebay. Ebay has a large selection of needlepoints at extremely reasonable prices.

Search Out Cheap Stores

JoAnn Fabrics and Michaels are also reasonably priced. Even in these stores, however, try to wait till a sale.

Use Acid-Free Matting

When matting your needlepoint, use only acid free board. Acid is what causes needlepoint to yellow prematurely.

Try Cross Stitch

One way to save money is to skip buying a canvas altogether. Library books have tons of needlepoint patterns. These patterns are worked similarly to counted cross-stitch.

Check Out Plastic Canvas

Consider doing plastic canvas projects instead of needlepoint. Plastic canvas is worked into things(purses, baskets, boxes, etc.) instead of framed. Look for extremely cheap patterns on ebay.

Shop Online

Online sources are often much less expensive than brick and mortar retail shops. Have a look and see what you can find.

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