Scrapbooking Tips

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scrapbooking-tipssource: Ciera Holzenthal

Don’t try to save money by using non acid-free paper. Acidic paper will ruin your pictures after a few years and is just not worth the savings.

Never throw out your scraps. Scraps can always be used on another project.

Know what you have. You don’t want to run out to the store and pay full price for yellow fibers when you already have some buried in your stash somewhere.

Avoid lettering only with stickers. Alphabet stickers can be costly. Instead try doing hand lettering or printing out letters from the computer. A one time purchase of letter stencils is also economical in the long run.

Trade with your friend. What is old for her, will be new to you.

Make your own embellishments. Serendipity squares, bottle caps, tags and shakers are expensive to buy, but cheap to make.

Don’t buy to many books and magazines. The internet is full of patterns, how-to’s and inspiration. And, what you can’t find on the internet, is available at the library.

You don’t need to need to purchase every new supply or tool that hits the market. All you really need is a good pair of scissors, some kind of adhesive, patterned paper, cardstock, templates and a couple of punches. Everything else is gravy.

Scrap with a friend. This doubles the number of tools available.

Take a look at your local dollar store. Mine has wonderful, but cheap, packages of vellum, patterned papers, fancy scissors, punches, stickers, rubber stamps and acid-free glue sticks. All of these products would cost at least 50% more in a scrapbooking store.

Target has very reasonably priced packages of patterned paper and cardstock.

Consider purchasing from ebay. I frequently by large lots of used products. The pricing is very good and I get a wide mix of stuff. The last lot had fancy scissors, papers, cardstock, letter templates, shape templates and stickers. All for about $16.00 dollars, including shipping.

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