Craft Your Own Board Games


Craft Your Own Board Games

I’m a very practical sort of crafter. I don’t craft just for the fun of it. Instead, I craft to make something usable a gift, something to wear, or something to beautify my home.

That’s why I enjoy crafting my own board games. Making games give me an excuse to play with scissors and glue, while at the same time, resulting in a project that is highly useful. So far I’ve made (and played) over 20 homemade board games.

Game Making Tutorials

Craft Your Own GamesInstructions are available for every aspect of board game creation.

Favorite Homemade Games

Craft Your Own Games

Everyone will have different taste in games but these are the games that I made and particularly enjoy playing.

Game Recommendations

Craft Your Own Board Games

Making your own games can be a lengthy process, so be sure to pick the correct ones for you.

Here are a couple that I recommend:

To locate additional games to make, check out BoardGameGeek.

Making and playing board games has brought me many years of enjoyment. I hope this article motivates you to try out my hobby for yourself!

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