Craft Your Own Board Games

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I’m a very practical sort of crafter. I don’t craft just for the fun of it. Instead, I craft to make something usable a gift, something to wear, or something to beautify my home.

That’s why I enjoy crafting my own board games. Making games give me an excuse to play with scissors and glue, while at the same time, resulting in a project that is highly useful. So far I’ve made (and played) over 20 homemade board games.

Game Making Tutorials

Favorite Homemade Games

These are the games that I made and particularly enjoy playing.

Games I Tried But Didn’t Love

I put these games together, but I wasn’t really crazy about them.

Games I Want To Make

These games got good ratings and I would eventually like to try them out.

Making and playing board games has brought me many years of enjoyment. I hope this article motivates you to try out my hobby yourself!

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