5 Quick And Easy Hamburger Toppings

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5 Quick And Easy Hamburger Toppings

source: powerplantop

Several years ago, wrote a post called 3 Quick And Easy Hamburger Toppings.  Since then, I’ve learned 2 more ways to dress a burger and I’m going to share them today.

Hamburger Topping #4: The Grill Burger

  • onion
  • choice of toppings

Slice the onion into thin rings and throw onto a hot grill for about 5-10 minutes.  Add a frozen veggie burger and cook till hamburger is done. 

Spread a  roll with toppings of choice. I prefer ketchup and mustard.

Top with burgers and grilled onions and serve immediately.

Note:  The onion slices will not be cooked evenly, and  that’s fine.  It adds to the flavor.

Hamburger Topping #5: The Deli Burger

Spread rye bread generously with Thousand Island Dressing.

Top with a thick layer of coleslaw.  Place pickles to the side of the burger and serve.

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