Annette’s Almost Fat-Free Popcorn

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fat free popcornPhoto: Vegan Feast Catering

Though I love popcorn with butter drizzled over it, our family is now on a diet, and that’s verboten for us. Instead, we enjoy a very tasty homemade popcorn that relies on heavy seasoning instead of fat for taste. It’s yummy and good for our weight! What could be better?


1/2-1 cup popcorn

Pam butter flavor spray

Lawry’s Seasoned Salt


Cook the popcorn in a hot air popcorn popper according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Place in a large bowl or pot with a tight lid.

Spray the popcorn with a short spritz of Pam, sprinkle with several shakes of Lawry’s Seasoned Salt and shake well to distribute. Repeat till the popcorn is seasoned to taste.

The popcorn can be made several hours prior to eating.

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