Broccoli Fried Rice

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Broccoli Fried Rice

source: mamichan

Broccoli Fried Rice doesn’t taste exactly like what you’d find in  a Chinese restaurant, but it’s very tasty. Plus, if the rice is already cooked, the dish can be prepared in less than ten minutes. Faster than takeout!

Note: You will need a large, high quality, non-stick frying pan to make the Broccoli Fried Rice.


1 1/2 – 2 cups day old onion-flavored brown rice

1 1/2 cups frozen broccoli heads

1 medium onion

1 egg

2 tablespoons neutral-tasting oil

soy sauce (to taste)

salt (to taste)


Slice the onion in half. Cut each half into diagonal strips.  Stir fry the onion on a high flame, in a large non-stick pan, in 1 tablespoon oil, till lightly browned.

In the meanwhile, place the broccoli into an microwave safe dish and cook for 2 1/2  minutes on high. Allow to cool for 1 minute and then gently  squeeze out excess moisture. Use a paper towel to mop up additional moisture. Don’t worry if the broccoli is still slightly damp. Divide  each head of broccoli into 3 mini heads.

Add broccoli to pan and cook with onions for another minute or two.

Break the egg into a cup and stir till blended.  Push vegetables to one side of pan and add egg. Cook till egg is set.

Remove the vegetables and cooked egg from the pan.

Add the remaining oil and cook cold rice till hot. Add vegetables and egg mixture and cook for another minute to combine flavors.

Add soy sauce and additional salt to taste.

To make onion-flavored rice: Make like usual, but add salt and onion soup mix to the boiling water, before adding the rice.

Note: Rice must be cold and day old or it will stick to the frying pan.

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