Egg Rolls Stuffed With Hot Dogs

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Egg Rolls Stuffed With Hot Dogs

source: roboppy

Egg Rolls Stuffed With Hot Dogs make delicious appetizers, but  are definitely Man Food.  I have a stomach like a steel trap, and even I can only eat one at a time. However, the men in my family gobble them down for as long as I keep serving them up.


hot dogs (either meat or soy)

egg roll wrappers (2x times the number of hot dogs)

canola or other mild-flavored oil

spicy mustard, optional but very nice

duck sauce, optional but very nice


Microwave frozen hot dogs for two minutes on the highest temperature. Cut each hot dog in half.

Wrap each of the  halves in an egg roll wrapper according to package directions.

Preheat oil, till a test strip of egg roll wrapper, dropped into the pot, cooks rapidly. Gently place egg rolls in hot oil, being careful to avoid splattering. Cook till golden brown. Drain in a colander, lined with paper towels.

Serve immediately with spice brown mustard and duck sauce.

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