Faux Feta Experiment

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When I lived in the US, it was hard to locate feta cheese. I often had to try three or four stores before I saw a block. However, when I did find the cheese, it was usually cow feta.  Since cow feta is the only kind I eat, that was fine with me.

Now that I live in the Mediterranean, I find feta every place I turn.  Unfortunately, the only kind sold here is the authentic stuff…sheep feta. Ugh!

Because of this little dilemma, I decided to try my hand at making faux feta.

Faux feta is simply ricotta cheese that is well drained. To make it, a took a small container of ricotta and added a teaspoon of salt. Then, I lined a colander with two cheap, white paper towels. I poured the ricotta into the colander and covered it with two more paper towels. I then placed the colander over a bowl and put  it into the fridge to drain. Every hour or two,  I changed the paper towels, and after about 16 hours I ended up with a firm, salty cheese.

Was the experiment a success?

Yes and no. Yes, because the cheese tastes almost exactly like feta. No, because I was hoping the cheese would be a little harder. Still, all in all, I am satisfied with the finished product.

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  1. Gourmet Mama says:

    Hmm, now the question is, can you make faux feta from faux ricotta? We don’t have either here in Guatemala!

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