Glazed Hot Dogs Vegan-Style

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Glazed Hot Dogs Vegan-Style

source: Alvin Smith

Glazed Hot Dogs Vegan Style is a take off on an idea I saw in Quick­ies, by Mon­da Ros­en­berg. The orig­in­al rec­ipe called for meat saus­ages and in­volved a lot more work than my ver­sion.

I no lon­ger own Quick­ies, but this rec­ipe has become a fam­ily fav­or­ite.


4-6 vegetarian hot dogs, depending on size

1 tablespoon olive oil (less, if you have a good pan)

1-2 tablespoons barbecue sauce (more if desired)

crusty rolls or rice made with bouillon instead of water


Chop hot dogs into small bits (if using with rice) or cut hot dogs into thinnish slices (if serving on a roll).

Saute the hot dog in the olive oil, till browned on most sides.

Add the barbecue sauce and cook for another minute or two,  until the hot dogs are nicely glazed.

Optional: Top hot dogs with a little chopped onion and sesame.

Note: My family doesn’t enjoy a strong barbecue flavor. If your family does, feel free to use more barbecue sauce.

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