Great New Recipes

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Lately, I’ve been trying a lot of new recipes. Not all were successful, but here are three of the winners.

1) Pasta And Bean Soup – This recipe can from the Eating Well website. While not the most delicious soup I’ve ever had, it certainly is tasty enough, considering how quick and healthy it is.

2) Pecan Pie Muffins This recipe, from the All Recipes website, is really good. We ate the muffins hot out of the oven, and were fighting for more!

3) Paprika Potatoes – This is a family favorite of my sister-in-law. My niece shared the recipe with me recently, and we’ve started making it at home because it’s so cheap and easy. To make this dish, just quarter 6 medium potatoes and place them in a casserole dish. Stir in lots of oil (about 1/2 cup or more) and salt. Sprinkle with at least 1 tablespoon of paprika. Bake covered for an hour. Then uncover and bake for another 30-45 minutes. Add more salt if desired.

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