Healthy Noodles Alfredo

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Healthy Noodles Alfredosource: Sarah R

Noodles Alfredo is one of my favor­ite pas­ta dish­es. In the past I’ve post­ed rec­ipes for my Easy Nood­les Alf­redo and my Even Easi­er Nood­les Alf­redo.  Those rec­ipes are deli­cious, but very high in calor­ies.

Healthy Nood­les Alf­redo is just as good as those other rec­ipes, but a lot health­ier. Low fat yog­urt is sub­sti­tuted for the but­ter and cream cheese. Parm­esan cheese is still used, but you can con­trol the amount.

By the way, if this rec­ipe looks famil­iar, it’s be­cause it is al­most iden­ti­cal to my Super Easy Garlicky Yogurt Sauce.


1 cup plain, low-fat yogurt

1 teaspoon olive oil

powdered garlic, to taste

salt, to taste

1/2 pound pasta, cooked and drained

Parmesan cheese


Combine the yogurt, olive oil, powdered garlic and salt. Stir to mix. Taste and adjust seasonings if needed.

Stir into the hot pasta.

Sprinkle with Parmesan cheese and serve immediately.

Note: For best flavor be liberal with the garlic and salt.

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