How To Fix A Not-So-Tasty Soup

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 How To Fix A Not-So-Tasty Soup

I’ve been cook­ing for al­most 30 years and over that per­iod of time, I have be­come quite ad­ept at turn­ing out yum­my soups.  How­ever, once in a while, even I have some prob­lems. Some­times the soup is too strong, too weak, or doesn’t have enough broth.  Once in a while, us­ual­ly when exper­imen­ting with a new spice, I may dis­like the taste en­tir­ely.

Here are some simple tips for fixing up a not-so-tasty soup.

Problem: The Seasonings Are Too Strong

Add ad­dition­al  water or tom­ato prod­uct (for tomato-based soups), broth (for clear soups), milk (for cream soups)

Problem: The Season­ings Are Too Weak

Al­low addi­tion­al liqu­id to cook out or  add extra salt or add 50%  more of some or all of the seas­on­ings

Problem: The Soup Needs More Liqu­id

Add additional water or tom­ato prod­uct (for tom­ato soups), broth (for clear soups), milk (for cream soups). You may need to bal­ance this out by add­ing more salt, bouillon pow­der or seas­on­ings.

Problem: The Seas­on­ings Are Just Plain Aw­ful

Don’t both­er try­ing to add enough liqu­id or other seas­on­ings to de­tract from the bad taste. It won’t work. In­stead, pour out all liqu­id through a col­ander, rinse several times with running water and add some plain broth to whatever ingredients are left in the pot (e.g. noodles, beans, meat, etc). Season to taste.

Problem: The Soup Is Too Thin

Add mashed pot­ato flakes or shred­ded cheese to soup that needs a lit­tle more body.  If you own a hand blend­er, you can allow the soup to cool for a bit, and then whirl the blend­er around the pot for 30-60 seconds. Just be very care­ful not to burn your­self.

Problem: The Soup Is Good, But Not Spec­ial

Con­sid­er add­ing some but­ter or shred­ded cheese (to cream soups), Parmesan cheese (to tomato- based soups) or croutons (to clear soups) to up the WOW factor.  Other good addi­tions are sour cream, yog­urt, sal­sa, minced fresh herbs.

source: Craig Sefton

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