How To Go From Being A Poor Baker To An Amazing Baker In Five Easy Steps

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How To Go From Being A Poor Baker To An Amazing Baker In Five Easy Stepssource: Benson Kua

I know the title of this article sounds like an infomercial, but it’s true. You really can go from being a bleh baker to a wow baker overnight.

Here’s what to do:

1) Find a recipe that is guaranteed to be good. How?

I only recipes from sites with a lot of user ratings. That way, instead of relying on one or two opinions about the results, youcan rely on dozens of opinions (and the collective conscious is usually correct).

My favorite site is Allrecipes. I choose only the highest rated recipes and I pay a lot of attention to the comments. If two dozen people say the cake tastes better with less sugar, I  put in less sugar.

2) Use high quality ingredients, but only when necessary. 

I don’t waste money on brand name white sugar, but I do get the best quality cocoa I can afford. It makes a big difference in taste.

3) Follow the recipe exactly. No experimenting. No shortcuts.

This means, if the recipe says use a 9×12 pan, make an extra trip to the store to purchase one. Or if it says, add 2 tablespoons lime juice, don’t add lemon instead. Also, be sure to note the author’s instructions on how to tell when the baked good is finished.

If you have to experiment, at least wait till you’ve made the recipe a couple of times and really know what you’re doing.

4) Watch the clock.

Nothing ruins baking faster than overcooking. One of my adult children, who tends to be forgetful, sets an online alarm clock.

Also, check the food several minutes before it is supposed to be done, in case your internal oven temperature is different than that of the original baker.

5) Finally, don’t be ambitious.

Don’t bake anything fancy and no multiple layers. Make one-bowl cakes and cookies and don’t make recipes that require separating eggs.  Save that for later, when you’ve really got the basics down.

 Here are a couple of my recommendations:

3 Step Chocolate Chip Cheesecake (originally from the Kraft website)

Delicious Oatmeal Walnut Cookies (originally from Allrecipes)

Banana Loaf Cake 1 (from Allrecipes)

All of these recipes are extremely easy to make and are amazingly delicious.

So, that’s it.

You now have all information you need to become a great baker overnight. Good luck and happy baking.

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