Instant Mashed Potato Hack

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Instant Mashed Potatoes Hack

source: Manuel Alarcon

Lately, because of stomach sur­gery, my diet con­sists prim­ary of pro­tein shakes, vit­a­mins and ins­tant mashed pot­a­toes. I’ve eat­en them plain, with chic­ken broth, with gar­lic and oil, and every other healthy way  you can think of. That be­ing the case, I’ve now become some­thing of an ex­pert on ins­tant mashed pot­a­to rec­ipes (at least in my own eyes!)

So, here are the instructions for my favorite Instant Mashed Potato Hack:

1. Follow the recipe as normal but substitute quality vegetable broth for the water.

2. Instead of butter, add 1/2 – 3/4 tablespoon of low fat plain yogurt per serving.

3. Mix in a little milk if needed.

4. Add salt and reheat in the microwave. Serve immediately.

These potatoes are so healthy and good it’s hard to believe they are instant. The yogurt gives them a little tang and the vegetable broth adds a more substantial flavor than plain water. Try it!

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