Lower Fat Deviled Eggs

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Deviled Eggs

source: jeffreyw

I use just a smidge of low-fat mayo to make these eggs. To increase the flavor, I then add a lot of spice brown mustard and black pepper.


6 eggs

1 tablespoon low-fat mayonnaise (to taste)

2 -3 tablespoons spicy brown mustard




Place eggs in a pot of boiling water and cook 15 minutes. Run under cold water to cool. Drain and peel the eggs.

Cut eggs in half, lengthwise.  Carefully, scoop out the yolk and place in a medium bowl.

Add the mayonnaise, mustard and pepper to the egg yolks. With a fork, mash the eggs yolks and combine with the other ingredients.

Carefully, scoop the yolk mixture back into the whites. Sprinkle lightly with paprika.

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