Michal’s Deli Wraps

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2731224987_a109dea7b5_osource: Annette Young

There are probably as many ways to make deli wraps as there are people who eat them. However, I got the basic idea for this versatile deli wrap sandwich from my friend Michal. I like it because it looks fancy, but can be made in minutes.


flour tortillas

2 slices deli per wrap




Mix together a ratio of 2 parts mustard to 1 part ketchup.

Place wrap on a plate. Spread mustard/ketchup mixture over wrap, using slightly less than you would use on a typical sandwich.

Layer on the 2 slices of deli (I use turkey roll), overlapping where needed.

Roll sandwich up. Cut into thirds or fourths. If needed use toothpicks to keep rolls from coming apart.

Variations: Instead of the mustard/ketchup sauce,  try garlic dressing, honey mustard dressing, or even a mix of mayonnaise and mustard. Or, add lettuce, vegan cheese, thinly sliced pickles (as pictured in the photo above).

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