Mouth Watering Pastrami Egg Rolls

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pastrami egg rolls

source: rockYOface

My husband has a long standing reputation for making delicious egg rolls. But this variation, devised by my oldest son, tops anything his father has ever produced.  I don’t generally eat meat, and even I love it!


1 lb. shredded cabbage

vegetable oil

5 tsp. sugar

2 tsp. salt

1-2 tsp. soy sauce

1/8 tsp. ginger

1/8 tsp. black pepper

3 oz. cooked chicken, chopped

3 oz. deli pastrami, chopped

For Dipping :

Dijon Mustard

Duck Sauce

Directions :

Saute the chopped cabbage in a small amount of vegetable oil, till limp.  Add all of the other ingredients, except for the dipping sauces, and cook for 3 more minutes.

Set aside.

When cabbage mixture is cool enough to handle, stuff and cook egg rolls according to the package directions.

Serve with both Dijon Mustard and Duck Sauce for dipping.

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Comments: 2

  1. Frayda says:

    What!?!? You ate this? I thought you were a vegetarian!

  2. admin says:

    I usually don’t eat meat, but these egg rolls were so amazingly good that I couldn’t resist!!

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