New Grilled Cheese Sandwich

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New Grilled Cheese Sandwichsource: Bing

Quickies, by Monda Rosenberg, is one of the most un­ique cook­books I own.

First, the book is divided by ingredient, rather than by type of food. Second, there are exactly ten recipes in each section.  And, last, the cooking techniques used in this volume are aimed creating the fastest meals possible.

Take a look at the following super easy (but delicious) recipe and you’ll see what I mean…

New Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Rub both sides of  2 thick slices multigrain bread with 1 tsp. olive oil mixed with 1 crushed garlic clove.

Toast under broiler. Remove. Turn toasted-side down.

Top 1 slice with fresh basil leaves, then with 1 cheese slice.

Top other slice with sliced tomato.

Broil until cheese melts. Place halves together.

Get your own copy of Quickies: Ten Quick Ways with Everyday Foods (affiliate link) at Amazon.

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